Indie Team Spotlight: We Krooked Swedes

We Krooked Swedes is comprised of some of FCI’s favorite players– Hayden Harrower, David Preciado, and Ryan Suffridge! As part of our Indie Team nights, this trio brings the funny with their immediate connection and character work. Who’s the integration master?  Who brings the feels?  Who starts off with bold ideas? What do they love about playing together?? Learn more about these off kilter Scandinavians in this short video!

He’s no April Fool, He’s Jon Wright, Student Spotlight!

Jon Wright is a quiet force, but a natural on the stage! He is consistently impressive with his comedic timing and dry wit. He is also one of our newest ensemble members on team Willis! This is…Jon Wright! Jon has lived in San Diego his whole life. He is a graduate from San Diego State university with a degree in communication. After college, he worked for Turning Point Nutrition and Probrew Coffee in their marketing department creating content for various media networks. Outside of improv, he loves the Beach, which is why he currently works at the La Jolla Beach … Read More

The March Spotlight Shines on Vera Didur!

Vera Didur captivates the stage with her musical, sketch, and improv talent! This month, we shine the light on her to learn more about her love of improv, and start the case of her missing cat. This is…Vera Didur! Vera is an FCI graduate, a musical improviser, and a sketch writer as seen in 2016’s Netflix and Kill. We let Vera tell more about herself in this video here: To learn more about Vera’s journey, or to start one yourself, check out our classes page, and snag yourself a spot in our next Discover Improv class!

It’s a bird, a plane, it’s Community Spotlight on Michael Romero!

This month, we are so excited to shine the spotlight on Michael Romero. He’s a grad, a house team performer, and team captain, and now… Finest City Improv’s guest team liaison! Michael will be working closely with all our San Diego indie teams on issues like: 1. How to maintain a team after graduation 2. How to be scheduled as a FCI guest team 3. How to promote your shows 4. How to get a coach 5. ….and so much more! Look for him regularly at the theatre, at mixers (our next one is March 1st!), or at special events he … Read More

Spotlight on Hudson Reynolds

Hudson is graduating next month from our Core Improv Program, and is currently studying Musical Improv as well. As a box office assistant, Hudson can be seen with his friendly smile in our lobby. He plays on an indie team called Earl Grey, and we think he’s just awesome! We chose him as this month’s student spotlight because of how his dedication and spirit shines through in everything he does. I felt lucky to teach the Discover Improv class that Hudson took that introduced him to FCI, and he still stands out just like he did back on that day! … Read More

Spotlight on Salma Soliman

Salma recently graduated our improv program and completed studies in musical improv as well! We chose her as this month’s student spotlight because of how much heart she brings to the stage. My personal favorite moment was watching her in musical improv class sing a song about herself, and she brought the entire room to tears and on their feet cheering when she finished. She’s a professional therapist that finds improv helps her in her work and life.  We are proud to have her as part of our community and hope you enjoy learning more about Salma in this video … Read More

Spotlight on Erica Clermont – Living and Loving the Improv Life!

Erica Clermont’s energy is contagious. I have never seen her enter a room without a smile for everyone and genuinely cares so much about the people around her. This month, we put our spotlight on one of our teachers to re-introduce one of the women that have helped to grow this community immensely. Erica’s story is not unlike many of our students. She was looking for change, and a community to help her as she started a new period of her life. It is a true joy to watch Erica continue to thrive and now help others with her love … Read More

Meet June’s Student Spotlight: Seamus Scanlan!

Seamus is a person that you just want to talk to. He seems to know everyone and always has an awesome smile on his face. When he walked into the first day of class with me, I was so excited to get to know him. I had heard great things and from the few interactions we had, knew he was someone that would fill a class with energy and joy! Watching him grow everyday in both musical improv and his other improv classes and workshops has filled me with such a pride. When he recently stole the show in Robot Teammate’s … Read More

Meet May’s Student Spotlight– Page Carman!

Page came to us in September of 2014. With a smile on her face, she quickly became known around FCI for seeing shows almost every night and becoming fast friends with her fellow students. We have seen a huge change in Page since we first met her. One of my favorite moments with her was at the 2016 San Diego Improv Festival, in a workshop with Susan Messing. She made Susan laugh so hard with her truthful style and say anything ways. That is why we are proud to shine the student spotlight on the one and only, Page!

Student Spotlight with Lisa Farnan

Lisa Farnan is one of those people with a smile that makes everyone feel awesome. Her supportive and fun loving ways made her a hit with her fellow classmates and we love her at FCI because she is always willing to say “YES!” to new opportunities. Also– she is pretty rockin’ at the air guitar. That is why Lisa is in our Student Spotlight this month! Meet Lisa Lisa’s journey to improv in her own words Is there anything better than bringing a smile to another person’s face?  (Okay, maybe making someone laugh so hard they shoot whatever they are drinking … Read More