Treat Your Self! Like Jennifer Mason did.

“Choose scary things to do, and the things that happen to you in life won’t seem so scary.”

That’s what Jennifer believes and improv was one of those scary things she took a chance on.  A self-identified introvert that deals with anxiety, she decided last year to treat herself and sign up for an improv class for her birthday. Her goal was to get some more bravery in her 49th year.

We are so proud of Jennifer and so happy that she is a part of our improv community. Learn more about Jen’s improv experience and how she uses improv to help herself and others.  Watch her student spotlight video!


In Her Words:

I’m currently in level six. I’ve learned so much that I actually teach a workshop on anxiety. One of the things that I say is that if you choose scary things to do, then the things that pop up in your life are not scary. Improv has been really good for that, because people who know me don’t know this, but I’m actually really nervous and shy. So getting on stage for the first time was… I kind of felt my toenails grip in the side. Even to be on stage at all seemed like a big leap, and now it’s gotten easier and easier, and that’s made it easier for me to do even bigger daring things. It’s almost like a self dare to make myself braver, and it looked like a good time.

This is a great thing for women in mid life, or women who are not sure about themselves, or women who want to take a chance. I find that especially a lot of mothers, mothers lose themselves for years because we are last on the list. When I got divorced and I was filling out those dating websites and they asked me what my hobbies were, I didn’t know anymore. I didn’t have any hobbies. I didn’t have a voice. Improv, you’re on; and you find something to say. An unexpected bonus is that all of your other PTA friends think you’re super cool.

The first class made me want to do more. The more improv I’ve done, the easier things in my life have been. Because yes, anding in class is how improv progresses. But yes, anding for yourself is how we get braver and stronger. Yes, anding yourself is how my patients will get better, as an acupuncturist. I want to yes, and my kids, and make our lives bigger and better. So yes, anding is really important for me.

My improv motto is mistakes are gold. It’s a motto I’m trying to live up to because I want to dare to make big mistakes so that I can have improv gold and life gold.

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