More fun. More joy. Guaranteed!

Finest City Improv is full of fun people who bring more laughter and joy into each other’s lives. We believe that community comes first. That’s why our students say we are the most fun, passionate, and supportive improv theatre and school in San Diego!

You don’t have to be funny!

We have lawyers, doctors, homemakers, actors, college students, and everyone in between, learn with us because they’re seeking a chance to find like minded individuals looking to find joy and humor in their everyday lives.

In the course of 7 weeks you will be playing games, creating characters, learning about your classmates, and building a community of friends that become like family! Guided by our experienced teachers, you will become more confident speaking in front of a group, presenting your ideas clearly, and finding the humor in everyday situations. Improv is truly a life changing art. 

Nervous about getting started?  Check out this article by Kat Brown, master Level 1 teacher and Director of Community, “5 Things About Your First Day of Improv Class“.

Plus, as a student you enjoy FREE admission to the theatre, which is a great place to see shows, grab a drink or snack, and catch up with your new improv friends. I hope you will join our awesome community!

Benefits of Improv

Fun and Laugther
does this thing go to eleven?!
More confidence
Less anxiety, more courage!
Improved Communications Skills
Be a better communicator
More spontaniety
Think on your feet and go with the flow!
Lots of inspiration and a little perspiration

3 ways to get started

free improv class

Free Class

Want to know what improv class is like? Join us for a FREE 2-hour class! No cost. No obligation. Just 2 hours of fun!

Offered twice a month.

free improv class

Level 1 Class

Don’t delay! Register for Introduction to Improv today! It’s a 7-week class meeting 2-hours per week.

Classes start every 2 months and they fill up quickly!

free improv class

Get more info

Stop by and meet the crew! We have shows every Thursday through Sunday night and we’d love to meet you and answer any questions you have. Or, call us mon-fri 9-6 at (619) 306-6047.