The key to improvisation is the “Yes! And…” principle, which teaches us to actively listen to each other’s ideas and add value to them.

When we support each other in this way, we are more engaged, collaborative, and creative.  We not only achieve more together, we enjoy doing so!

Imagine what your business could achieve if everyone…

  • Supported and trusted everyone else
  • Was fully engaged at work
  • Felt more empowered to add value
  • Made decisions with speed and conviction
  • Was more adaptable to changes

5 Fundamentals of Improv For business

Companies that train with us learn to integrate these 5 key principles of improvisation into their culture to improve their business outcomes.

1) Perform as an ensemble

Always “have each others’ backs.” Great ensembles utilize the divergent strengths of the individual while putting the needs of the team first. Each member trusts that they will be supported by everyone else.

2) Think or say, “Yes! And…”

Treat every idea and action as a gift to create a growth mindset.  This simple phrase has immense power to quickly improve interpersonal communications and cultivate a culture in which ideas flow freely.

3) Take Action

Take bold decisive action in each moment to succeed under pressure. Quiet your inner critic and “think on your feet.” Commit and follow-through. If you don’t believe in your idea why will anyone else?

4) Be flexible

Take every opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. Be open to learn from mistakes and flexible to adapt to changes.

5) Find the Joy

Celebrate every success and laugh whenever possible. People love to laugh and humor and playfulness puts everyone at ease and breaks down barriers.  In fact, we don’t teach people to make jokes.  We help them discover the humor and joy by practicing the first 4 principles.

It’s time to say “Yes! And…”

to the most engaging, challenging, and memorable method for

  • Breaking down silos and building connections
  • Improving interpersonal communications
  • Building more effective and collaborative teams
  • Developing more courageous and compelling leadership
  • Fostering creativity and sparking innovation

… all while laughing and having a ton of fun.

Look who’s saying, “Yes! And…” with us

How It Works


In every workshop we teach, we create a learning lab environment where every participant feels supported and able to take risks.

Since learning happens best when we are just slightly out of our comfort zones, our facilitators constantly monitor the comfort level for each person in the room and ensure they find success just outside of their comfort zone. We pay close attention to introverts and help create space for them in a room of extroverts.

No one is expected or encouraged to be funny, but everyone will be laughing a lot – and everyone loves to laugh.

We can then begin to teach everyone to think and act with an improvisational mindset using the 5 fundamentals (above) and discuss how to apply these skills to their work immediately.


Improv games (or exercises) are introduced at various levels of difficulty, concentration, and risk-taking so we can start at a comfortable level and quickly adjust to meet the team where they are currently at.

Each game we facilitate is chosen to match your team and your goals and each has a few simple rules plus a point of concentration. Just like basketball or any other team sport, the point of concentration is a single focus the group shares towards achieving a goal, just like getting a ball in a basket as many times as possible within a time limit.

This familiar game structure helps participants let go of thoughts of “what might be”, “what ought to be”, or “what will make me look good.” Everyone practices being “in the moment”, collaborating as a group, and laughing at our “mistakes” while working to achieve the shared goal.


Most importantly, after each game, we spend ample time debriefing the experience and applying it to real-world challenges or goals.

Our facilitators aren’t just actors or comedians, they have real experience in business and are highly adept at helping participants discover connections between the skills each game builds and their everyday work lives.

Our facilitators are talented improvisers and teachers with a wealth of experience in other fields such as business, law, marketing, and leadership.Meet Our Team

Our workshops aren’t for everyone.

While everyone can benefit from practicing improvisation for business (and life), our programs are best for organizations that recognize they have untapped talent amongst them and with more spirited collaboration and fresh challenges will be more engaged at work and accomplish more amazing things together for the business.

We partner with companies that value a culture of idea sharing and risk taking and know that “culture eats strategy for lunch.” These companies don’t settle for “the way we’ve always done it” and are constantly looking for innovative ways to adapt to the changing business landscape.

If this is you, we want to work with you to help you achieve every “stretch goal” you’ve set and increase your bottom line using the power of improvisation for business.

Our trainings are best for

  • Employees that dread the thought of another 3-hour PowerPoint presentation.
  • Teams that want to be engaged and challenged.
  • Managers that want to see meaningful changes in the mindsets of their team members.
  • HR executives that want to know they are getting the greatest ROI for their training dollars.
  • Businesses that know that taking risks is essential to getting ahead.

If the thought of a few hours of on-your-feet learning and lively discussion about trust, communications, and collaborations causes your team members to call in sick, our workshops might not be a great fit for your culture (and also might be exactly what you need).

Improvisation truly challenges people to be authentic, vulnerable, and participate fully in the team activity.  And, that’s what we’ll bring to your team.

Have questions or want to book a workshop? Call us at (619) 306-6047 or email us to get started.

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Try our introductory team building workshop

Improv training creates greater inter-dependence within team members and creates a wonderful sense of value of others’ ideas, and true belief in the power of the group. A 2014 survey by the American Psychological Association shows that “whether or not employees feel valued is a huge differentiation. 92% of employees who feel valued say they’re satisfied with their job compared with 29% of those who don’t feel valued.”

Build trust and support with the principles of improvisation. We guarantee your team will be inspired and collaborating more effectively in just one two-hour session!

2-HOUR INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM IS JUST $500 FOR 10 PEOPLE PLUS UP TO 8 ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANTS AT $45 EACH. Workshops take place at our North Park area training center or at your local San Diego office. For customized or larger workshops please contact us.


Once your group completes our Connect+Humor workshop we have more great programs including Communication Tune-up and Spirited Collaboration workshops that build on the skills you’ve learned previously.

We also create customized programs for companies, conferences, and retreats as well as keynote presentations and corporate entertainment. Contact us for a free consultation.  

Have questions or want to book a workshop? Call us at (619) 306-6047 or email us to get started.

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