Teaching Improv for disaster management at Red Cross

One of our esteemed teachers and community leaders Shawn Roop recently brought together volunteers at the San Diego Red Cross for an afternoon of learning and laughing.
“Talking with the team, they shared with me how serious their jobs are due to the nature of their business and that they really wanted to bring more humor into the office place. I look forward to help them use humor to connect to deeper levels for the projects are doing.” says Shawn leading up to the event.
Improv comedy teaches us that we can harness positivity with the phrase “YES! AND…” Teams can immediately see transformations in the dynamics of communication and connection with even just two hours together in one of our immersive improv experiences.
Amy Lisewski, director of our applied improv program shares; “this collaboration meant a lot to me. We often hear from our clients that the jobs they do daily add to stress and disengagement from employees. When adding on the emotional toll of working with the clients that the Red Cross do, a chance to get together and laugh is more crucial than ever. People love to laugh and humor and playfulness puts everyone at ease and makes the job a lot more fun.”
So how did it go? The team at the red cross shared “Thank you SO MUCH for coming out today. We are so grateful for your time. Everyone has been talking about lunch!”
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