Improv Comedy Classes and community

Want to know how hundreds of San Diegians found more joy in their life? It’s because they took a leap and said “YES!” to an improv class!

Finest City Improv is the most supportive, community-centric, and fun improv school in town!

And we believe that improv isn’t just for the “funniest person in the room.” In fact, our students make up a diverse range of age, backgrounds, professions and experience. We believe that everyone can benefit from a weekly opportunity to stretch their creative muscles.

Our Intro classes are a great way to get started into our community of welcoming, fun, and charismatic people! The support of your new teammates will get you cultivating your own confidence in a laugh-filled environment! Plus, with FREE admission to shows and a chance to perform on stage, you will have the best seven weeks of your life with us!

Meet some of our amazing friends in our monthly community spotlights, see fun behind the scenes antics on our instagram, or come see for yourself with a free Discover Improv class.

  • Students enjoy FREE ADMISSION to all of our regular shows.
  • All classes get to perform on the Finest City Improv stage!
  • Social activities and fun community!

improv class series

Beginner Classes


Invite more creativity, spontaneity, and fun into your every day life. A super fun 2-hour class for 7-weeks.  Designed for anyone new to improv OR for anyone who has experience but is new to our Improv Series.

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In this level you will take the fundamentals and discover even more playfulness! You will learn dozens of more super fun improv games and follow your fears to find more ease in your scenework. Scene work focuses on trusting your partner, yourself, and the “rules of improv” to simply discover the fun in your scenes every time!
This level has one class show at the end of the term and every student can participate in the student/teacher show, Greenhorn.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 or graduate of Second City, iO, or UCB improv program.

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Intermediate Scenes And Montages

In this level you will learn to consistently and effortlessly craft engaging scenes! While continuing to practice the fundamentals of improvisation and learning even more awesome and fun games, you further develop your skills to create improv scenes in groups of two. Instruction continues to focus on relationship, and discovering collaboratively while adding more character, game, and heightening. This class also works on some basic acting skills that are helpful in improvisation and using the stage and imaginary environment more. Three person scenes, more editing, and montages are also introduced. 

This level has one class show at the end of the term.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 2.

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Intermediate Classes

level 4 improv class

Advanced Scenes

In this level you will focus on two and three person scenes, and begin learning long-form improv structures.  You will stretch your skills in a challenging and fun environment as you begin to find you “improv voice.”  You will learn about openings, La Ronde, side support, recognizing themes, and numerous improv “devices”.

This level has two class shows during the term.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 3.

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level 5 improv class

Harold and friends…

Learn ‘The Harold’ and other essential improv forms! You will learn how to weave your scene work into a single long-form show. Performance skills are fine-tuned and essential show structures are studied. You are encouraged to make bold choices and act on inspiration with confidence.

This level has 3 class shows during the term.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 4

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level 6 improv class

Have your show!

Design and develop your unique comedic point of view within a show format. Receive feedback and direction from Finest City Improv instructors. Strengthen the long-form structure and put up your show on the Finest City Improv stage!

This level has 3 class shows during the term. Your Level 6 group is then invited to perform up to 3 additional shows upon graduation.

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 5

After completion of Level 6 you will receive a certificate of achievement and be considered a FCI improv program graduate!


Conservatory for Advanced Improv

This program takes graduates of our core series and mentors them to gain more skills, experience, and opportunities in improvisation.