4 Crucial strategies for the prevention of COVID-19 transmission at FCI

  1. EMPLOYEE HEALTH: Implement measures to ensure employees do not work if ill and are protected from becoming ill in the workplace.
  2. SOCIAL DISTANCING: Implement measures to ensure social distancing is adhered to. 
  3. CUSTOMER EDUCATION: Ensure customers (i.e. bar patrons and students) are educated on participating safely in FCI services.
  4. INCREASED SANITIZATION AND DISINFECTION: Increase measures to protect the public through the avoidance or frequent disinfection of multiple touchpoints and sanitization of contact surfaces.

Bar Operations (When Allowed)

  • We have reviewed and followed the reopening guidelines and requirements from the San Diego Health Department for onsite food and beverage operations.
  • We have posted the required checklist at our entrance as well as these informational posters for customers.
  • Our bar and live shows are currently unavailable.

Notice To Bar Customers:
Please read these guidelines before coming to FCI

  • Please stay home if you are ill or have symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  • Until further notice, all customers must make a reservation in advance of arrival for a specific date and time. Email info@finestcityimprov.com or call 619-306-6047.
  • When you arrive please follow the signs for queuing and maintaining safe distances.
  • We have tables spaced apart throughout the bar and the theater space for your group. Please stay with your group.
  • Please order at the bar, which has plexiglass installed to protect our employees.
  • Please wear a mask covering your mouth and nose except when seated at your table.

Operation of Classes

In addition to the protocols for the operation of our bar, we have implemented these additional protocols for attending in-person classes. In addition to guidelines from the CDC and SD County of Health, we worked to meet the requests of our current students as surveyed in April about returning to classes (146 out of 180 responded).


  • In our survey of all current students, many expressed concern about reopening too soon after being given the “green light” by the county and city.  We attempted to reopen in late July 2020, but a new surge in cases in SD County forced us to postpone. We are now resuming classes the week of September 26th and classes are being held outdoors. Level 1 clases will meet the full 7 weeks. All other classes will meet 6 weeks.
  • Any current student from Term 2 that is unable to return to class when it is restarted was given a credit in Juy to repeat that class in any term for up to one year. (deadline for this option was July 8, 2020).
  • FCI will follow any new advice or requirements for closure from the city or county and alert all students and teachers within 24 hours via the Mighty Network.
    • We are reducing all classes to 11 students or less to reduce crowding.
    • We will hold all but a few classes outside of our 5th Avenue classroom.
    • All indoor spaces will have fresh air flow from opening windows and doors. We also added high capacity HEPA air purifiers and fans in the classrooms to help circulate fresh airflow.
    • Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected before each class.
    • All teachers and students must wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering class. Hand sanitizer has been placed in every class space.
    • All instructors will take their temperatures approximately one-hour before arriving to class.  If the instructor has a temperature reading of 100 degrees or higher, they are to not attend their class and contact FCI staff for a substitute.
    • Until further notice, no touching is allowed in classes.
    • If you are unable to attend a class please let your instructor know via your class group on the Mighty Network.
    • If you have been at a large gathering (protest, march, large party, airport, etc.) we ask that you wait 3 days and get tested before returning to class if possible.
    • If you have a fever, persistent cough, or any other symptoms consistent with a COVID-19 infection, please stay home, get tested, and follow directions below:
    • If you test positive for COVID-19 (or are clearly ill with symptoms consistent with COVID-19) please contact Amy Lisewski directly at AMY[AT]FINESTCITYIMPROV.COM as soon as possible.  Your name will NOT be shared with the FCI community unless you request it to be
    • Amy will directly inform the class (and instructor) you participated in that someone in their class has tested positive.  Notifications will be via the class group on the Mighty Network. Instructors will be notified by phone call.
    • That class will be postponed for 2 weeks if the infected student was at the class within the past week. 
    • At the same time, Amy will work with the student to trace and contact any other groups they have been in contact with at Finest City Improv to the extent that is possible.  
    • Amy will notify ALL instructors, staff, and current students of all classes of the affected class via an announcement on the Mighty Network. 
    • The infected student will be given credit to complete the class at another time (up to one year).
  • FACE MASKS. Please wear them until further notice!  
    • All teachers and students, until further notice, must wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose.
    • Students that attend class without a mask covering their mouth and nose will be dropped from the class and no refunds will be provided. 
    • We are designing a plan to allow for an end of term student showcase. (stay tuned!) 

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