How do we prepare to improvise?
We practice of course!

And no team would be complete without a space to rehearse and a savvy coach to help guide the vision and development. We can help you with both!

About twice a year, FCI offers a coach development workshop (as well as more comprehensive teacher training programs) led by our Artistic Director or Master Teachers. Experienced improvisers learn and practice what it takes to expertly assist a team in achieving their vision.

If your team is interested in being coached by any of our coaching workshop grads, please contact us and we will connect you!

Need a space to rehearse? Contact us to rent a rehearsal space.

Coaching Workshop Graduates

  • Andrea Rodi (house team performer)
  • Andy Grubb (house team performer)
  • Chad Makings
  • Chaz Foster (house team performer)
  • Chris Ansoff (house team performer)
  • Cory Brin (house team performer)
  • David Haboud
  • David Slattery
  • Hudson Reynolds (house team performer)
  • Iris Magid
  • Jason Dorwart
  • Jason Neel
  • Jason Re
  • Jennifer Cole (FCI Instructor)
  • Jessica Farber (FCI instructor)
  • JillAnne Aden (FCI Community Manager)
  • Joe Partynski (FCI Instructor)
  • John Boaz (house team performer)
  • Julius Ravelo (FCI Instructor)
  • Kevin Langdon (FCI Instructor)
  • Nancy Langdon (house team performer)
  • Niki Kalmus (FCI Instructor)
  • Randy Thomas (FCI Instructor)
  • Skyler Lee (Technical Director)
  • Stephen Bowers (house team performer)