We electrify rooms with a “Yes! And . . .” attitude.

Our comedy-infused keynotes are highly energetic, extremely engaging, and just the right amount of “let’s shake things up!”

We start by asking participants to imagine getting up on an empty stage with nothing planned and creating something wonderful right away. Then, we actually challenge everyone to raise their hand and volunteer to do that with us right then and there!

The few that volunteer are provided with incredible support from both us and the audience the entire time.  Participants quickly learn that by having a positive “Yes! And…” mindset and taking risks, they can create more opportunities and enjoy more rewards. By learning the simple rules of improv, your entire organization is inspired to achieve more, both as individuals and as a team.

Top 5 Takeaways

Yes! And…

Discover how “Yes! And…” creates more positive and agile thinking and put that to use immediately!

I’ve Got Your Back!

Experience how an “I’ve got your back” culture improves engagement and allows every team member to step up their game.

Why Not?!

Practice saying, “Why Not?!” and cultivating the courage to take more risks.

I’ve Got This!

Learn the secrets of thinking on your feet and embracing the unknown.

We Did This!

Leverage the power and passion of an ensemble to achieve more creative and ambitious results.

Dynamic speakers

Amy Lisewski


Founder, CEO, & Co-Artistic Director

  • Vistage Speaker
  • Event Host
  • Author
  • Master Teacher

We’re all just making this stuff up!

I love to take risks. I’m the first one to raise my hand to volunteer for an opportunity – known or unknown.  I excel at presenting to large crowds and enjoy every moment of it.  I am an improviser, an entrepreneur, and a teacher.  I take risks on stage, at work, and even in my daily life as a foster parent.

In my presentation I’ll show you how the tools I use to so confidently create fun and hilarious shows on the spot are easily transferred off the stage and into real life.

These tools have changed my life completely, and I love sharing that with others. You’ll learn some of my favorite exercises and hear real-life examples of how my life has become more fulfilling and my business more successful by living the “Yes! And . . . ” philosophy.

This keynote is NOT for natural-born performers, comedians or people with “talent”. It’s for everyone, including introverts like you and me. I want to see you living the life you are meant to live and achieving the results you want to achieve, now!

Raise your hand with me! 

Kat Brown


Director of Training & Community
Co-Artistic Director

  • Teacher
  • Event Host
  • Actor
  • Connector – Team Builder

Three Steps to a happy and more effective team!

As Director of Community and Training, I’ve been told by dozens of people that I’ve changed their life by helping them unlock a world of possibilities! It’s all about taking action and strong teamwork.

I am a highly energetic and motivational speaker that loves working with teams. In my presentation I share three incredibly powerful tools proven to build more trust, engagement, and collaboration with any team. Everyone in the audience will experience how to listen, contribute, and play like an improviser to create more possibilities and joy.

Improv has transformed my life and allowed me to build a community that creates new possibilities every single day for hundreds of people. It can do the same for you.

Book A Keynote

Yes!… we are highly professional. Yes!… we are easy to work with. And… we can work with your budget. We work with each client to ensure that we provide a high impact keynote at a fair price. Call us at (619) 306-6047 or contact us by email and we’ll get you a quote right away.

The minimum time for a compelling keynote is 45 minutes. We recommend our 90-minute signature presentation to provide the greatest impact. We provide a mixture of presentation and large group exercises for half and full-day events.

45-Minute Keynote

A Quick dose of "Yes! And..." and an inspiring message.
  • Compelling Message
  • Interactive
  • 20% Non-profit discount

Half-Day Experience Includes Break-out Sessions

2.5 to 3.5 hour immersive experience
  • Break-out sessions
  • Debrief exercises as a team
  • Customized topics