Our work-study program was created to provide additional opportunities for our students and performers to contribute to and learn about the operation of an improv theater.
To be considered, you must be a level 2 or above student and demonstrate that you operate by the principles of improv off stage in addition to on stage. Participants are rewarded with training in various aspects of theater operation and are provided free training opportunities.

We typically have three spots available in each of these two areas:

Box Office Assistance

Reports to the House Manager on duty for evening. Trained and supervised by the Theater Manager.

Your known “super power” is superior customer service skills! You are proactive, helpful, and informed.


Assist the House Manager before and during performances with such task such as (but not limited to):

  • Welcoming patrons to the theater and providing them with information about improv, shows, and classes.
  • Seating patrons.
  • Tidying theatre and lobby when needed.
  • Assisting teams in accessing the greenroom.
  • Retrieving items from the greenroom or classroom.
  • Covering the box office for short periods of time as needed.
  • Assisting with emergency procedures.

Stage Management

Reports to the House Manager on duty for evening. Trained and supervised by the Director of Entertainment.

Improv training of at least Level 3 or above.
Ability to multitask.
Some technical abilities.


  • Manage stage activities on show nights.
  • Prepare theater and seating before shows.
  • Communicate with teams and hosts.
  • Coordinate with House Manager.
  • Run lights and sound for shows.
  • Take photos during shows.
  • Clean up and secure theater after shows.

If you meet the requirements and are interested in participating in this program please complete this form.