What to Expect at an Improv Show

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What to Expect at an

So you’re about to see your first improv show. Hooray! Seeing improv can be a magical experience, to witness something so strange but so creative come together in front of your eyes — magic! And while it’s good to go into a show without too many expectations, it’s super helpful to know what exactly you’re getting into. Let’s start at the beginning. What is improv? Improv (or improvisation, if you want to be formal about it) is a performance art form where “players” or improvisers go out on stage without a script and attempt to make stuff up! Many times … Read More

FCI Welcomes Jetzo and Ithamar Enriquez!

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jetzo ithamar

For one magical night, Jetzo – a father-son comedy team from the small fishing village of Nagoya, Japan – will get to live their lifelong dream of headlining an international variety show in America with their comedy hero, Ithamar Enriquez. It’s the feel-good spectacle of the millennium, full of live music, dance, physical comedy and audience interaction. And it’s all happening at Finest City on Saturday, May 26th at 9pm! It’ll be a good idea to get your tickets early — we expect a SOLD OUT performance!   And that’s not all! Jetzo is sticking around on Sunday to share … Read More

Level 1 Intensive: All the fun of a class in one weekend!

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Level 1 express

After incredible success last year, Finest City Improv is proud to host another Level 1 weekend intensive! It’s a jam-packed two days of training August 18th and 19th from 11am-4:30pm for you to get a chance to discover and play with us in a shortened amount of time. Click here to sign up now! What will this weekend be like?We will be exploring the EXACT same curriculum that we offer in the seven week course with lots of opportunity for personal development and playtime. Some of the skills that we will explore include: the theory of  “YES! AND…” thinking, heightened listening, body language, presentational skills, character work, and … Read More

Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes Attacks… Spider-Man!

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Are your spidey senses tingling yet? In a movie landscape that’s full of so many super heroes, you need a degree to keep it all straight, we’re going back to the beginning. This Saturday, Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes will take on the super hero movie that started it all – 2002’s Spider-Man, starring Tobey Maguire. The cast will take suggestion from the audience – MadLibs style – to help create an entirely new film! Throughout the show, there will be plenty of opportunities for audience participation. And don’t be surprised by sudden outbursts of improvised musical comedy! With great power … Read More

Jump in with Student Spotlight Rachael Guerra

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Rachael Guerra

Rachael is in her final term of classes at Finest City Improv. She shares that her awesome class and amazing teachers who have guided her are her reasons that “she will never stop doing improv.” We are sad to see Rachael go but support her as her career is taking her all the way to New York City! That’s an awesome YES! And… Meet Rachael! Rachael joined our community last year in our Weekend Intensive class which is now enrolling for its 2018 summer session. Want to pack 7 weeks of fun into one awesome weekend? Give improv a try!

Sketch-Prov Is Back and Better Than Ever!

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Discover Sketch (1)

Buckle up, because this July, we’re bringing back the wild ride that is Sketch-Prov. Sketch-prov is what happens when you combine the two comedic forms of sketch (written-out, rehearsed scenes) and improvisation (flying by the seat of your pants with nothing but an audience suggestion). This particular class, taught by the insanely talented Tim Short, will focus on taking the skills learned through improv, such as heightening, scene building, and timing, and gearing them toward writing and building comedic sketch scenes. Looking for a good reason to branch out into something new like sketch? Tim says, “Pivoting your skills into … Read More

She Just “May” Find Love… Jessica Clancy is our Single Lady!

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This month, we’re pulling out all the stops for our single lady, Jessica Clancy!! Mid Century–Palm Springs desert beauty! Jessica is a native San Diegian with a passion for all things fun. Whether it’s weekend getaways, beachside happy hours, or cooking classes, she never stays still for too long! Her most recent passion has been making artesian sourdough breads and hand-poured candles. What’s Jessica looking for in a man? Geekiness with intelligence, compassionate, kind to others, respects women as equals, never cruel to small animals, good with tools/fixing things, willing to cook even if he sucks at it, a hand-holder, thumbs … Read More

Get “Wacky” With Adam Anderson — Our Community Spotlight!

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adam spotlight

Adam Anderson is our community spotlight this month! He lets out his “wacky ideas” through improvisation and enjoys his tight knit class community– often spotted doing trivia or seeing shows together! Adam is a filmmaker based out of San Diego, CA. In 2010, he founded the independent production company Giant Face Films, seeking to tell stories about the human condition with unique visual styles. His horror short “Lamb’s Blood” won the award for Best Original Score at the SD Student Film Awards in 2014. Currently, Adam is working to complete a series of short films, as well as continuing pre-production on … Read More

Cage Match Fantasy League

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FCI Trio Tournament Logo 2

The wait has been long but it was worth it! The Cage Match is back and completely reimagined! Officially presenting… The Cage Match: Trio Tournament! The Tournament will take place every Friday in April at 10pm. Teams will be BRAND NEW trios competing for amazing prizes and GLORY! All the glory! It’s not just the teams competing, it’s also YOU, the audience! We are doing a Cage Match FANTASY LEAGUE. Earn points and advance as your teams do! What prizes are on the line, you ask? Winning Fantasy Leaguer: Be the interview guest for our weekly show Found Family! Get … Read More

Go Under the Sea with Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes!

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Attack Little mermaid

This weekend, you’ll get the chance to see Ariel, Ursula, and Sebastian in a way that has never been done before – through improv! The cast of Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes will be taking on this Disney classic The Little Mermaid on Saturday at 9pm! The cast will take suggestion from the audience – MadLibs style – to help create an entirely new film! Throughout the show, there will be plenty of opportunities for audience participation. And don’t be surprised by sudden outbursts of improvised musical comedy! If you want to be a witness to this first/last performance, better … Read More