Save Our Stage! Join the SOS Champions.

Happy 6 months of shutdown … and counting… and counting 🙁 Okay, not so “happy” but we’re making the best of the situation. We’ve been asked by so many community members, “how can I help?” And we of course asked ourselves, “how can we help everyone helping us?” And, have fun doing it?! … Read More

2 Great MISTAKES You Want to Make

mistakes that help you learn and grow

You’ve heard the old adage “fail fast, fail often,” which encourages rapid iteration and the discovery of new and novel ideas.  However, no one, including me, wants to fail!  Let’s be honest… it feels terrible every time. Here are just a few things I’ve failed at in my life: learning a second … Read More

SĂ©amus Scanlan Talks Improv and His New Album

FCI instructor and house team member, SĂ©amus Scanlan just released his debut album, Blue Bright! It is a beautiful work of art. If you haven’t listened to it yet, head on over to and pick up a copy! We’re feeling extra lucky because SĂ©amus will be playing his record … Read More

Irene Bonner

Irene loves improv, stand up, painting, eating, and reluctantly taking part in social activities. She’s half of the improv duo Beanberg and a member of The Clubhouse. When she’s not making art she’s spiraling down a deep hole of anxiety, so she’s always making art!

Dr. DJ

Dr. DJ is a member of The Clubhouse. She has trained in improv, stand up and writing for tv and late night at the Second City in Hollywood, Finest City Improv, and Old Town Improv. When she is not hitting a stage to do comedy you can find her speaking … Read More

Shilpa Pryor

performer Shilpa Pryor

Shilpa is an FCI graduate. She performs with The Clubhouse and indie group “Existential Crisis”. Before 2018 she had no idea that “improv” even existed, and today she believes that this is the best cult she’s ever joined. Shilpa moved to the United States in 2010 from the Fiji islands … Read More