Joey Partynski

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Joe Partynski Teacher Intro from Finest City Improv on Vimeo. Joey teaches level 2 and 3 classes. He has experience studying both acting and improv. Acting and theater classes taught him to be vulnerable, ridiculous, and dramatic. Improv taught him to listen, focus, support, let go, and most importantly- have fun. His teaching combines both, as he loves to help people become bolder and more attentive players on stage. Joey performs every Saturday with Found Family. He is also half of the improvised emo duo–Sad Boys.

Embrace who you are with October spotlight, Hannah Jones!

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Hannah Spotlight

  We feel so lucky to have answered the call when a North Carolina gal was moving out west and wanted to find her new hometown theatre. She has a journey unlike most as she didn’t join Finest City as a brand new performer, but rather someone with lots of experience. So how did FCI stack up against other theatres she had trained with? She attributes our amazing and welcoming community as the reason why she felt so acclamated to her new town so quickly. When she’s not helping us run our tech, or selling organic fruit (seriously!), she rocks … Read More

Julius Ravelo

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JR Headshot

Julius Ravelo Teacher Intro from Finest City Improv on Vimeo. Julius currently teaches intermediate core classes with a focus on advanced scene work at Finest City Improv, and also coaches house team Killer Giraffe. He studied at The Second City Hollywood and iO West in Los Angeles, as well as Finest City Improv and Sidestage Improv in San Diego. Julius has been an FCI ensemble member since 2016 and currently performs on Saturdays with Found Family. He also performs with various indie teams, including Greg Hess’ Hair, Sinister M.O., and Slack to the Future.

Games, Games, Games: Have even more fun with our Short Form Class!

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Games, Games, Games! Love long-form improv? Want to learn a brand new skill and snag even more stage time? Then join us for our re-vamped Short Form Games class taught by Gary Ware! “Short form” improv is a style all of its own, and it’s tons of fun! Learn the art of short form games and play. It’s a great addition to your long form training, or just for an extra chance to experience on stage fun in a different way. Some of the many skills taught in this elective include: 1. Confidence while hosting and setting up games 2. Ability to quickly … Read More

An Open Invitation to Kathy Najimy

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Kathy najimy-2

Dear Kathy, My name is Jesse, and I am the Assistant Artistic Director at Finest City Improv in San Diego. I am also a huge fan.  That is why I would like to personally invite you to our parody musical improv show Attack of the Killer Tomatoes attacks: Hocus Pocus. I know you are probably bombarded with invitations around Halloween, yourself being a national Halloween treasure. But please… let me tell you how this invitation stands out from the rest. First, we are located in San Diego, CA, your very own hometown. (I am not a stalker, it’s just from word of mouth and confirmed … Read More

Improv vs Toastmasters: Which is the Right Fit for You?

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Improv vs. toastmasters-What's the right fit for you-1

When it comes to improving communication and connection, there are two popular options: improv and Toastmasters. Many of our own 800+ students have confirmed this, mentioning that both local improv training and Toastmasters of San Diego were part of their searches into personal development. Deciding between the two programs can be a challenge. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Finest City Improv is proud to have a longstanding relationship with many local Toastmasters groups (including some that we have brought training to!) so, we wanted to provide some easy answers to our similarities and differences. … Read More

2 Great MISTAKES You Want to Make

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mistakes that help you learn and grow

You’ve heard the old adage “fail fast, fail often,” which encourages rapid iteration and the discovery of new and novel ideas.  However, no one, including me, wants to fail!  Let’s be honest… it feels terrible every time. Here are just a few things I’ve failed at in my life: learning a second language, learning to play piano, passing a state lifeguard exam, and marriage.  That’s just what comes to mind immediately.  Point being, I think we can all pretty quickly provide a list of our failures (and that lifeguard test was over 25 years ago!). Most people hate to be wrong, make mistakes, … Read More

Attack of the Rotten Tomoates Attacks… Hocus Pocus!

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Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes dvd show template for VBO and blog-2

It all starts with a whiff of pumpkin spice. Before you know it, you’re carving jack-o-lanterns and stocking up on mini Snickers bars — for the Trick-or-Treaters, of course. That’s right – Halloween is in the air! That means the Sanderson Sisters are back, and there is hell to pay! Let’s be real. It is not officially Halloween until you watch the film Hocus Pocus. This October, Attack of The Rotten Tomatoes is taking a crack at the lovable cult classic, with a brand new telling of the tale about three witches back from the dead to suck the lives … Read More

Bridget Says “Yes! And…” to Love as October’s Single Lady!

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Single Lady bridget

We have to admit that this October, we are hot for teacher! On October 7th at 9pm, we bring Bridget to the stage, so the boys better get their shiny red apples ready, because this theatre educator is only looking for straight A’s. Are you ready to make her dreams come true? We will be studying furiously to find out: Act 1: Why she’s still single! Act 2: Who might be her perfect match! Act 3: We now declare you… “Happily-ish ever after-ish!” More about Bridget: Bridget Cavaiola is a San Diego based educator, improviser, and facilitator and has been performing and teaching … Read More

Founder of Finest City Improv, Amy Lisewski, Teaches Masterclass!

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improv workshop with amy lisewski

  Amy Lisewski, founder of Finest City Improv, will be teaching a three-hour workshop titled “Love This Very Moment” on October 8th from 11am-2pm. Love more of your scenes by living fully in each moment with your scene partner(s).  Forget being interesting to your audience and simply be interested in your scene partner.  Double down on active listening, agreement, and responding fully to what you are gifted. Amy will guide you through exercises that will help you become more invested in your scene partner(s), which will lead to more juicy and yes… interesting… scenes. You will practice letting go, noticing … Read More