Improv vs Toastmasters: Which is the Right Fit for You?

When it comes to improving communication and connection, there are two popular options: improv and Toastmasters. Many of our own 800+ students have confirmed this, mentioning that both local improv training and Toastmasters of San Diego were part of their searches into personal development. Deciding between the two programs can be a challenge. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Finest City Improv is proud to have a longstanding relationship with many local Toastmasters groups (including some that we have brought training to!) so, we wanted to provide some easy answers to our similarities and differences. … Read More

Kick off 2019 with Student Spotlight, Kory McKiou!

“There is an unlimited creative freedom on the stage, and you don’t get that with most hobbies.” Reminiscing about how easy it was in college to join new hobbies, Kory McKiou our January spotlight shares that improv was the first place for him that allowed a much needed creative space. Kory is an engineer by day, and less than a year ago, someone without any theatre experience. Now he is a member of our graduate team and many indie teams. Want your life to be completely different, more fun, and with hundreds of more friends by this time next year? Give improv a try!  Sign up for an Introductory class today. Want to meet more FCI … Read More

Single Lady Morgan Is No Stranger to the Bumble Game

I’m no stranger to the bumble game!” Morgan is our first Single Lady of 2019, and we can’t wait to bring another year of love to San Diego. If you wanna get with Morgan, you gotta have a travel bag and lots of frequent flier miles. She is constantly traveling for work which means she has swiped for love all over the West Coast. Besides being an advertising genius, she looks to teach the next generation of Peggy Olsens by teaching at USD. Looking for a Mile High love? Look no futher than A Single Lady on February 2nd at … Read More

2019 SDIF Shows Are Here!

Say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 with an incredible lineup of shows for our 6th annual San Diego Improv Festival! Coming from all over the globe we have 60 teams! Located in the Tenth Street Theater in beautiful downtown San Diego we will have TWO stages this year. Rooftop parties, onsite bar, and lots of fun activities await you this year. Tickets for each block can be purchased separately by block or save yourself the trouble of choosing and get a VIP all inclusive pass! We have maximized our jam time so much we are calling it JamDiego! … Read More

Festival Workshops Now Live!

The San Diego Improv Festival is right around the corner and we hope you’re ready to dive in! We have some amazing teachers from all over the country and they all have one thing in common… they are OUTSTANDING!  Artistic Director of Portland’s Curious Comedy Theater and one bad ass teacher, Kristen Schier is here to teach you to take emotional risks, and how to stop acting and start feeling! 2018 Best of Fest winners Red Door is going to show you how to Space Work yourself to greatness! Anděl Sudik from windy Chicago will help you MOVE DAT ASS! From Cincinnati Emily … Read More

Immerse Yourself in FCI’s Improv for Sketch Program!

Finest City Improv is proud to offer its most robust and performance worthy sketch class yet! Starting in January, students can have the opportunity to learn “sketch-prov”, the process of improvising scenes to create sketches and combine them into a comedy revue as an ensemble using limited or no props and costumes. You’ll learn to craft various comedic scenes on your feet, such as political and social satire, silent scenes, scenes that showcase actors’ talents (now it’s time to get out that accordion you know how to play!), running blackouts, musical scenes, and many more styles. As a member of … Read More

Treat Your Self! Like Jennifer Mason did.

“Choose scary things to do, and the things that happen to you in life won’t seem so scary.” That’s what Jennifer believes and improv was one of those scary things she took a chance on.  A self-identified introvert that deals with anxiety, she decided last year to treat herself and sign up for an improv class for her birthday. Her goal was to get some more bravery in her 49th year. We are so proud of Jennifer and so happy that she is a part of our improv community. Learn more about Jen’s improv experience and how she uses improv to … Read More

One Last LAFF(ayette)! 29 straight hours of laughs!

How do you celebrate 5 years of memories, hundreds of improv teams, thousands of shows, and tens of thousands of audience members?  You throw an improv marathon! Finest City Improv is leaving our current home attached to the Lafayette hotel and moving to a new space in Hillcrest (3746 6th Avenue).  Our very last laughs (aka LAFFS) at our flagship location will be December 15th at 11:59pm. For 29 straight hours leading up to midnight on the 15th we will be hosting a non-stop improv party featuring SEVENTY different shows and teams! It’s an amazing celebration of the growth of improv … Read More

It’s F*cking Christmas Again, You Scrooge!

What?! You don’t love when Christmas music starts playing in stores the day after Halloween?!  YOU SCROOGE!!! In our 4th annual holiday production we are giving YOU the chance to be the star of a totally screwed up Christmas nightmare! One lucky audience member will be the scrooge of our show and the receiver of the biggest gift of all, CHRISTMAS MAGIC! This show is jam packed with saucy elves, unplanned adventures, hilarious songs, and that toy you really wanted as a kid but didn’t get. And maybe you still don’t deserve it?!  You SCROOGE!!! Join us for this musical … Read More

We are hiring a Community Experience Leader

FCI believes in bringing more joy to people’s lives through improv shows, classes, and community. As Community Experience lead at our new venue in Hillcrest, you will provide positive and effective communication with community members as well as efficient operation of the theater/store/community space.  You will keep our “home” (theater/store/training center) in top running order, from ordering inventory and processing sales to generating reports, to ensuring smooth operation of events, and responding to customer needs. Are you someone that can help us create a joyful and return-worthy experience for every customer?  We’re looking for a friendly and ambitious person who … Read More