Jason Neel

Jason is a graduate of Finest City’s program in 2018.  Originally from Virginia, he is a true connoisseur of odd sound effects, uselessly specific facts, and references to 90s cartoons.  He spends his days empowering the upcoming AI revolution and his nights sometimes leaving the house.  Encounters with Jason are best avoided by making loud noises and looking as large as possible. He performs with The Clubhouse Saturdays at 10pm.

Jen Cole

Jennifer has been active in the San Diego improv community since 2012.  After receiving her initial training and performance experience at National Comedy Theater and Sidestage Improv, Jennifer continued her training at FCI. Since completing the FCI courses she has performed continuously at the theater, both as a house team member as well as in various indie teams.  One of her favorite genres of improv is musical and she is a proud member of the musical team High Note.  Over the years she has taken numerous workshops and attended improv camp in order to broaden her training.  She is excited … Read More