Make lifelong friends with Josh Garcia!

Josh is currently a level 5 student at Finest City Improv. He is originally from Altus, Oklahoma. He finds himself in San Diego by way of El Paso, Los Angeles & Houston. He first was introduced to improv in Los Angeles at iO West. Currently a level 5 student, he also performs with Brown Privilege, In The Buff, Castaway and sometimes Catfish Souls! He works as a software implementation consultant.  Learn more about Josh’s journey to a new town and discover his community by checking out the video below. Ready to have fun and feel like a kid again? Give improv a … Read More

Third Thursday Presents FCI’s WARPED TOUR

Lace up your Vans and leave your parents at home — it’s time for WARPED TOUR, FCI-style. Every Third Thursday we do a themed evening. This month we are having a mix of eclectic teams making a stop at Finest City for Warped Tour! Expect a mix of alternative inspired improv, clowning, and musical improv! 7:30 Warped Jam- Come jam with Subject To Change in this all play improv jam open to anyone! Co-Captains- Bring you some angst filled teenage realness in this improv duo FROWN CLOWNS- These improv clowns will turn your frown up-side-down. 9:00 Subject to Change is going to … Read More

How Improv Fosters Creativity

Creativity is a beautiful, amazing thing. It’s absolutely necessary for art, innovation, and problem-solving. But the world isn’t always conducive to creativity. We’re bombarded with “No,” “but,” “what if,” and constant, nagging interruptions. This kind of negativity harms the creative process, and often causes those with bubbling imaginations to clam up and keep their “outlandish” ideas to themselves. But then how can we create?? Creativity, either through a single person’s thought process or a team of brains in a collaborative environment, requires the space to happen. A big, open space, free of judgement where thoughts and ideas can grow and … Read More

Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes Attacks… The Goonies!

HEY YOU GUYS! On Saturday, August 11th, dust the gum off those shoes because its time for us to shuffle our way back on stage for another Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes! This time we are attacking the cult classic The Goonies! The show starts at 9pm. Get your tickets now so you don’t miss this once-in-lifetime show!     In a world where [noun] is the best Blockbuster movie, a new [adjective] show has arrived to [expletive] it all up… We at Finest City are real movie buffs! We have decided to bring blockbuster movies to our stage with the help … Read More

Night Camp: SATURDAY!

It’s the LAST DAY of Night Camp, so we’re going out with some heavy-hitters.   Kat Brown and Stu Shames are leading Advanced Musical Ultra Jam for students who have at least taken Musical 1 and want a place that we can work on advanced moves. This will be run as a coaching and performance session to utilize the talents of Stu. You can never get enough musical! We will cover students wants to ensure proper use of class time– there will be very little “teaching” but much more coaching.     Tim Short is teaching Podcasting for Improvisers. Want … Read More

Night Camp: THURSDAY!

On Thursday, August 30th, two ladies from FCI are tackling both emotion and physicality in your improv. Your heart has the answers that your head is trying to invent. Learn with creator of San Diego’s Vulnerability nights, Vanessa Anton. Stop building your emotional walls and connect in this grounded and supportive class.   Learn with one of the amazing talents of Look at What We Found, Lauren Flynn as she guides you through clowning exercises to help you develop your own clown character! This class is designed for those who have never taken clown and want to give it a … Read More

Night Camp: WEDNESDAY!

Happy Hump Day! Wednesday of Night Camp offers two workshops to help improve basic (but important!) skills necessary for any improviser. Want to improve your character vocals? Work with actor and improviser, John Boaz (master of all things linguistics!) in his workshop, Voice and Speech into Characters. Much more than just accents and affects, voice can help you ground and state your character’s emotions!     Always in your head? Use your body! Through his workshop Stop Thinking, Start Moving, Master teacher and clown, Tommy Galan will help guide you through exercises that get you feeling vs. inventing from the … Read More

Night Camp: TUESDAY!

The second evening of Night Camp offers two beautifully different workshops: The hilarious and FCI Harold team founding member Erica Clermont is teaching De-Mystify the Harold! First beats, second beats….group games?! Have more fun with your Harold! Effortless and fun play to follow.   Fan favorites SAD BOYS (Seamus Scanlan and Joe Partynski) are leading Emo Musical. No wigs needed but highly encouraged. Join this musical team as they showcase their genre of play. Musical improv background encouraged but not required.   Workshops take place Tuesday, August 28th, from 7pm – 9pm.   And remember, there’s still time to pick up a Sleepaway … Read More

Night Camp: MONDAY!

We’re kicking off NIGHT CAMP with two amazing workshop opportunities: FCI friends and visiting artists The Nancy Boys (Nick and Justin Condon) are teaching Nancy Boys Notes and Scenework! FCI’s very own Bridget Caviola is heading up Short Form Fun!  Learn some of the best short form games and how to host, play, and have more fun!   Workshops take place on Monday, August 27th, from 7pm-9pm. And remember… you can still snag a Sleepaway Pass to attend one workshop each night of camp!

Summer may almost be over, but you can still go to Camp!

Everyone loves camp! The mosquitos, the snoring, the chow…Wait, you mean my parents just sent me to camp to get me out of their hair over the summer? I have some calls to make. Relive or redo your summer camp adventures with Finest City Improv’s first annual Night Camp a week of workshops, visiting artists, and a show! There are two ways to get your bug juice on: There will be only 14 sleepaway passes sold that will allow you to participate in one workshop nightly as well as our Talent Show night on Friday at 7:30pm with your camp counselors. Save money by … Read More