Spring 2019 Auditions at Finest City Improv

Interested in being a part of our commitment to showcasing new fresh talent on our Finest City Improv stage? Then come and show us your Yes! And… at our Spring Audition! Auditions are open to anyone who will have completed improv training at FCI by Term 2’s completion, or graduated from anoter accredited improv training school (locally or elsewhere!) You will recieve confirmation of your audition slot (either 6-7 OR 7-8pm) via email no later than the week prior to auditions. Please note if you need a particular time. Please submit no later than 4/17 as we cannot guarantee time … Read More

Hip Hop Playground with Seamus Scanlan

Join us on March 30th from 4-7pm for a one time opportunity to play and learn like a Hip-Hop pro, improv style! This workshop is great for those who want to try musical improv in a low pressure environment, or if you want to infuse #improvswag into your normal performances. It’s all about confidence and belief in you! What you will learn: stage-worthy words and how to rhyme them; fantastic rhythms and how to find them; being hype AF about your choices; finding volume  notch 11 on your voices; and how to have FUN every damn second you’re in the mix.  … Read More

Laugh with #BestImprovFriends Sarah and Jen!

For our very first double community spotlight, we had to sit down and chat with two ladies who met in level 1 improv and now are inseparable parts of each other’s lives. Both of them joined improv to spark joy in their lives– Sarah’s husband was deployed, and Jen was facing life choices and a need for change. Through improv they not only found each other, but also a new found confidence and joy. Sarah shares more of her improv journey: “Improv has grown to be a major part of my life in a very short period of time. I … Read More

Meet March’s Single Lady, Lindsay Janos!

We find a “happily ever after” for our March guest Lindsay Janos Seeking: Man to hit the high notes and always know the answer to that hardest trivia night question. At least that’s what you gotta bring to the table if you wanna get with March’s Single Lady, Lindsay Janos. And she’s well worth it!Friends would describe her as sweet, caring, bubbly, generous and always down for fun. Are you the confident, intelligent and polite guy who can “hold his own” when she takes you to the San Diego Yacht Club? Come watch as our talented cast finds Lindsay’s Happily Ever After– whatever the f*ck that means! Get your tickets now for March 30th at 8:30pm!

Seamus Scanlan

What are your other hobbies? –          Ocean swims, making music, crushing some za at the weege If you weren’t doing improv, where would you be? –          Having a coffee with a friend at Café Bassam What is your favorite improv scene you’ve been in? –          Every scene I’ve done with Bart in SAD BOYS.  Negotiating the life of a tree with Christina in Balloon Animal.  Also, one time I played a rocking horse with Mid-Atlantic and I think I nailed the physics of that.  That felt pretty good. Who is your comedy idol? –          Greg from Over The Garden Wall, Nick from New Girl, … Read More

Cheers to New Love with February 23rd’s single lady, Jennifer Dover!

Life is a wild rollercoaster ride, just ask our February single lady, Jennifer Dover. Between life in the skies working for an airline, a Nora Ephron worthy story about her ex involving a mid life crisis and a convertible (we won’t give away the ending here) and reinventing yourself, we will all need a glass of wine after hearing her story leading up to Saturday’s performance. We will dive into Jennifer’s dating past, find out more about what she is looking for in her future, and improvise her Happily Ever After..whatever the f*ck that might be! Get your tickets now … Read More

Creativity flows with Community Spotlight, Suzanne Bates!

Suzanne’s infectious joy in the improv community is easily seen within moments of meeting her. Improv has opened up her creative flow and helped her be more open to inspiration in all forms of her life. She recently moved to San Diego from Portland, Oregon, to chase her dreams of studying sunshine and cheering surfers. She came with a little bit of experience and a great big love for improv and has found her home here with her class and an all female team called “And She Was”. Learn more about Suzanne’s journey and meet more of our community by … Read More

Kick off 2019 with Student Spotlight, Kory McKiou!

“There is an unlimited creative freedom on the stage, and you don’t get that with most hobbies.” Reminiscing about how easy it was in college to join new hobbies, Kory McKiou our January spotlight shares that improv was the first place for him that allowed a much needed creative space. Kory is an engineer by day, and less than a year ago, someone without any theatre experience. Now he is a member of our graduate team and many indie teams. Want your life to be completely different, more fun, and with hundreds of more friends by this time next year? Give improv a try!  Sign up for an Introductory class today. Want to meet more FCI … Read More

Single Lady Morgan Is No Stranger to the Bumble Game

I’m no stranger to the bumble game!” Morgan is our first Single Lady of 2019, and we can’t wait to bring another year of love to San Diego. If you wanna get with Morgan, you gotta have a travel bag and lots of frequent flier miles. She is constantly traveling for work which means she has swiped for love all over the West Coast. Besides being an advertising genius, she looks to teach the next generation of Peggy Olsens by teaching at USD. Looking for a Mile High love? Look no futher than A Single Lady on February 2nd at … Read More

2019 SDIF Shows Are Here!

Say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 with an incredible lineup of shows for our 6th annual San Diego Improv Festival! Coming from all over the globe we have 60 teams! Located in the Tenth Street Theater in beautiful downtown San Diego we will have TWO stages this year. Rooftop parties, onsite bar, and lots of fun activities await you this year. Tickets for each block can be purchased separately by block or save yourself the trouble of choosing and get a VIP all inclusive pass! We have maximized our jam time so much we are calling it JamDiego! … Read More