We leverage the transformational power of improv to advance social justice in San Diego.

Our group of improv “JEDIs” (justice, equity, and diversity through improv) bring the principles and practices of improvisation to people beyond the traditional improv comedy theater, focusing on those most in need of more connection, courage, and communication skills.

Our main goals are to:

  • Help leaders of non-profit organizations be more effective through free or low-cost improv team-building and leadership programs.
  • Bring improv to San Diego‚Äôs most vulnerable, especially teens and young adults, to help them develop skills, confidence, and social capital.

Staff Development For Social Service Organizations

We’re looking for amazing non-profits in the social services sector that we can help make even more amazing!

Your staff deserves a fun team-building that will reduce stress while increasing trust, support, & communication.

What could your organization use?

More joy? More confidence? Better communication? Less burnout?  

We provide proven and effective improv workshops that reinvigorate teams and help them to communicate better, build confidence, and access creative problem solving…

all at little to no cost to your organization!

Workshop Outcomes

  • Staff members develop a “Yes! And…” mindset which helps them grow professionally and avoid burnout.
  • Teams are more collaborative and agile.
  • Staff employs the communication and collaboration skills of improv to help them work with clients.

Are you ready to partner with us? Give us a call at (619) 306-6047 or email info@finestcityimprov.com.

After working with your staff, our goal is to partner with you to bring ongoing classes to your clients, focusing on teens and young adults.

Support Us

IPSD is supported by Finest City Improv, its community members, and you! Your contributions are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor.

Donate now at Fractured Atlas!

About The JEDIs

Our team of Improv JEDIs are the true force behind our mission! Collectively, our diverse leadership consists of grant writers, project managers, finance and governance committee experts, fundraisers, organizational leadership pros, all of them also highly skilled and trained improv teachers, performers, and transformational facilitators. All are current teachers and performers from Finest City Improv.