Does your team rely more on email and messaging than face to face communication?  

This lack of meaningful communication lies at the root of many team problems. It can lead to mistakes, quality problems, conflict, misunderstood needs, and lost opportunities.

In a world of electronic communications, it pays to develop face-to-face communications skills.

As a leader, you will spend less time solving issues of miscommunication and more time working towards your important goals. Everyone will know how to actively listen for understanding so conversations will be more productive and positive. You will even notice less anxiety towards, or outright avoidance of, face to face discussions. Your team members might even rely less on email, messaging, and other “what did you mean by that?!” apps!
  • More positivity and agreement
  • Accomplish more in less time
  • Greater collaboration
  • More opportunities to foster innovation

How It Works

In this workshop, we don't teach your team to create comedy. We teach some of the skills we use to improvise entire comedy shows on the spot so your team can communicate well enough to collaborate like the pros.


In every workshop we teach, we create a learning lab environment where every participant feels supported and able to take risks.

Since learning happens best when we are just slightly out of our comfort zones, our facilitators constantly monitor the comfort level for each person in the room and ensure they find success just outside of their comfort zone. We pay close attention to introverts and help create space for them in a room of extroverts.

No one is expected or encouraged to be funny, but everyone will be laughing a lot - and everyone loves to laugh.


Exercises are introduced at various levels of difficulty, concentration, and risk-taking so we can start at a comfortable level and quickly adjust to meet the team where they are currently at.

Each exercise has a few simple rules plus a point of concentration. Just like basketball or any other team sport, the point of concentration is a single focus the group shares towards achieving a goal, just like getting a ball in a basket as many times as possible within a time limit.

In this workshop, we focus on exercises designed to get everyone communicating at the same high level of an improv ensemble.  Participants will practice body language, active listening, speaking up when needed, and giving and taking in communications.


Most importantly, after each game, we spend ample time debriefing the experience and applying it to real-world challenges or goals.

Our facilitators aren’t just actors or comedians, they have real experience in business and are highly adept at helping participants discover connections between the skills each game builds and their everyday work lives.

Our facilitators are talented improvisers and teachers with a wealth of experience in other fields such as business, law, marketing, and leadership.Meet Our Team

Our Communication Tune-up Workshop is best for teams of 10 or more that are working towards shared goals and know that they will achieve those goals faster and more effectively with improved interpersonal communication.  It’s usually booked by HR managers or team leaders that recognize that effective communications is a highly important skill that many of us don’t do as well as we think we do!

Past Participant Takeaways

  • Ignited a fresh new approach to communication within our team.
  • Taught us to listen, trust, and respond in a bold, honest way.
  • Helped us discover some issues with brainstorming and how to ensure everyone's voices are heard.
  • Got our team open, trusting and ready to move forward with positive communication and relationship building skills.
  • Created a significant shift in our mindset as it relates to positive communication.
  • Got people that don't normally talk much or share their ideas to do so more freely.
  • Learned valuable ways to approach difficult conversations.

Our workshops aren't for everyone.

While everyone can benefit from practicing improvisation for business (and life), our programs are best for organizations that recognize they have untapped talent amongst them and with more spirited collaboration and fresh challenges will be more engaged at work and accomplish more amazing things together for the business.

We partner with companies that value a culture of idea sharing and risk taking and know that “culture eats strategy for lunch.” These companies don’t settle for “the way we’ve always done it” and are constantly looking for innovative ways to adapt to the changing business landscape. If this is you, we want to work with you to help you achieve every “stretch goal” you’ve set and increase your bottom line using the power of improvisation for business.

Improvisation truly challenges people to be authentic, vulnerable, and participate fully in the team activity.  And, that's what we'll bring to your team.

Have questions or want to book a workshop? Call us at (619) 306-6047 or email us to get started.

Not sure your group is ready for this?  Start with our Connect+Humor Intro Workshop. We guarantee your team will be inspired and collaborating more effectively in just one session!

It is highly recommended that groups complete this workshop before moving on to our Spirited Collaboration Workshop, which builds on the trust, support, and communication skills learned in Connect+Humor and Communication Tune-up.

We also create customized programs for companies, conferences, and retreats as well as keynote presentations and corporate entertainment. Contact us for a free consultation.