See our students in action!

FCI supports our students and community with generous amounts of stage time.

Beginning with Level 1, each student has multiple opportunities to take to the stage and try out what they are learning in their classes. Every Level 1 and 2 student can perform with their instructors in Greenhorn. All classes, including elective classes, showcase their skills at our end of term Student Shindig (one of the best nights at our theater!). Level 3, 4, 5, 6 and elective classes get additional shows throughout each semester. Even when our students graduate, their graduating class is guaranteed 3 more shows with their group! Plus, they can then audition to join The Clubhouse with weekly shows!

Want even more stage time?

All students are also welcome to play in our Open Jams and ladies are invited to join the Swim Meet ladies only jam every month.

Still not enough?!
You can start your own indie team and submit your team for our Cage Match or regular schedule!

No other improv theater in Southern California offers more stage time for students. These shows are a ton of fun for audiences so be sure to check them out!

Our Level 1 and 2 students perform with their instructors every Friday at 7pm!

Meet some of our students and teachers and learn what improv means to them!