Awesome New Opportunity for FCI Grads!

We are excited to announce our brand new graduate program, THE CLUBHOUSE.

We got together 20 of our house team members, teachers and artistic staff and asked them… “how do we give more opportunities to Level 6 grads so they can keep learning, keep playing, and of course… keep laughing together?! And, help them get ready to audition for a FCI House Team one day?”

They came up with an exciting new program that takes the best of the Conservatory and the best of the “PDI” teams (Figment & Yer Baby) and combines them into one awesome 6-month “Sunday Company” team. We have hundreds of grads and so few slots on our house teams and this new program will help students continue to grow as improvisers and work towards house team membership.

What is The Clubhouse?

  • First and foremost it’s a way to join a group of dedicated grads to keep learning, playing, and laughing regularly.
  • You will get a hybrid of teaching and coaching by a team of FCI house team members and teachers. You’ll get some of the best lessons from Conservatory and regular coaching and shows of the PDI program (which is being retired).
  • It’s also our official “Sunday Company!” Typically, an improv theater has a “farm league” or “B Team”. They often play on Sundays. This is our new late night Saturday show (because Sunday isn’t as much as a fun day as Saturday)! You will perform 2-4 Saturdays per month as a rotating cast so you will get to know lots of other FCI performers!
  • You will also get lots of cool benefits as a member of The Clubhouse including a super groovy ad in the lobby and on our website with YOU on it 🙂

How do I get in The Clubhouse?

  • You must be a graduate of Level 6. (if you are a graduate of another improv school let’s discuss where you should start)
  • You must audition for a panel of teachers and artistic staff and/or be recommended by 2 of your 3 Level 4-6 instructors.
  • You must be a team player committed to regular practices and shows.

What are the details?

  • If selected for The Clubhouse you commit 3 Saturdays per month for 6 months for rehearsals and shows.
  • After 6 months you can audition for House Team League or another 6 months of Clubhouse. (Completing Clubhouse is not a guarantee of casting on a house team.)
  • This team will “anchor” the late night (10pm) Saturday show schedule. Performers will be assigned 2-4 Saturdays per month to perform based on individual availability and progress. Members will submit their availability each month. This is 75-minute long show split into multiple parts so there is plenty of cast needed for every show! You will work with your teachers/coaches to hone the format and the show name.
  • You will continue to hone your long-form skills, get more stage training, and learn key short form games which you will perform in your shows (super important to know for your improv future!).  
  • The group will be team taught/coached (by two people).  
  • Clubhouse members have priority for limited work-study positions (box office, stage management, marketing, etc).  
  • As part of your training you will learn to host shows and be scheduled to host shows periodically AND know what the heck happens on that light and sound booth 🙂
  • You will get performer cards for lots of free shows (and be required to see certain ones to improve your own skills!).
  • You can choose to participate in our new mentorship program matching house team members with Clubhouse members. Get to know other performers!
  • You will serve as Student Liaisons to our upper level students. (get that next batch of awesome grads prepped to join you!)
  • Cost is $75/month ($450 for 6 months) and can be paid upfront or by automatic monthly charge and covers all teaching, coaching, show notes, and rehearsal space.
  • Class/Rehearsals will be 3 Saturdays/month in the late afternoon.

“It’s time to show them what you’re made of!”