Want to extend your learning beyond core improv classes?  Electives and workshops are led by our talented ensemble members and special guests and cover a wide variety of themes.  Workshops are typically one time offerings of 2 to 3 hours and electives typically run the same 7 weeks as the core classes.


Dedicated to continual growth, we invite master instructors from near and far to teach intensives and in-depth workshops. See workshop descriptions for skill levels.

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Elective classes provide our community the chance to explore and develop a wide range of skills to complement improvisation. Enroll at the same time as your improv class and enjoy a 20% discount on the elective class. Elective classes are not available each term. Classes offered on a rotating basis: Acting for Improvisers, Musical Improv, Clowning, Sketch Writing, Improv to Sketch Creation, Scene Study, Audition Techniques, and more.

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Some of our past workshops:

  • Craig Cackowski- Sell It!
  • Jet Eveleth- Physical Improv
  • Nick Armstrong- Brave New World: Genre Improv
  • Laura Hall- Musical Improv Intensive
  • George Caleodis- 48 Hour Sketch Show
  • Keith Reay- Level 1 Improv Intensive
  • Carla Cackowski- How to Develop Solo Work
  • David Misch- In person lecture from Funny: The Book
  • Brian O’Connell- Position Play
  • Paul Stein-Enhancing Your Solo Performance
  • Shulie Cowen- Advanced Musical Improv
  • Matt Young-“Improvising the Scene”
  • Kevin McGeehan- Hyper “Yes And”
  • John Gilkey- “The Idiot Workshop”
  • Marc Warzecha- Improv to Sketch
  • JETZO- Living and dying for the crowd: the Clown’s guide to improv

If you are an instructor interested in holding a workshop at Finest City Improv please send your inquiries to info@finestcityimprov.com.