Greenhorn provides our newest students with the opportunity to get on stage and perform scenes with teachers and classmates. All Level 1 and Level 2 students are invited to perform each semester. Shows are Fridays at 7pm and open to the public. For most students, it is the first time they have ever performed on stage for an audience! Many are very nervous but almost all find the experience fun and incredibly rewarding. Come support our newest students as they take the stage with their instructors every Friday at 7pm!

“Greenhorn was so much fun! The FCI instructor who did the scene with me was very supportive and made me feel so comfortable. Overall just a very rewarding experience. “– Michelle Ables

“Terrifying initially. So much fun on stage. Super gratifying overall!” – Kristen Fogle

“While you’re waiting: “I can’t do this! How did they just do that? What am I going to do?”
While you’re on stage: “I’m doing this! This is so fun!”
When you’re done: “When do I get to do this again?”” – Jeannie Ugalde

FAQs for Students about Greenhorn