What Does Improv Have To Do With Business?

improv for business

What does making up a comedy show possibly have in common with business? Allow me to start by putting you in the shoes of an improviser.  Imagine you are standing on stage in front of dozens of people.  They are all there because they desire something from you… in this case, to be entertained.  What they expect is something wonderful and they want it right away.   Now, if you look around the stage you’ll see there are no sets or props and by the way you don’t have a script. What you have are your teammates.  You’re all in this … Read More

SD Business Journal Reviews How We Connect Colleagues With Comedy

San Diego Business Journal reviews Finest City Improv's training for businesses

Brittany Meiling of the San Diego Business Journal sat down with us a few weeks ago to talk comedy and team building. In her piece for the San Diego Business Journal, she explains how our corporate team building programs are unique and effective. We were especially pleased to see our friends and clients from San Diego Trading Company and ensemble member Jacob Bruce, quoted in her story!