What Does Improv Have To Do With Business?

improv for business

What does making up a comedy show possibly have in common with business? Allow me to start by putting you in the shoes of an improviser.  Imagine you are standing on stage in front of dozens of people.  They are all there because they desire something from you… in this case, to be entertained.  What they expect is something wonderful and they want it right away.   Now, if you look around the stage you’ll see there are no sets or props and by the way you don’t have a script. What you have are your teammates.  You’re all in this … Read More

We’re in Entrepreneur Magazine!

entrepreneur magazine

Excited to be mentioned in the June issue of Entrepreneur Magazine! “Make it up!” is one of three tips for snapping out of the creativity rut. Our client San Diego Trading Company is used as the example of someone doing this successfully with the help of our improv at work training. Get your staff saying “Yes! And…” rather than “yeah… but….” with improv training.

SD Business Journal Reviews How We Connect Colleagues With Comedy

San Diego Business Journal reviews Finest City Improv's training for businesses

Brittany Meiling of the San Diego Business Journal sat down with us a few weeks ago to talk comedy and team building. In her piece for the San Diego Business Journal, she explains how our corporate team building programs are unique and effective. We were especially pleased to see our friends and clients from San Diego Trading Company and ensemble member Jacob Bruce, quoted in her story!

Yes! And…. Add more action to your life right now!

Why do improvisers say “Yes! And…” all the time? For decades, improvisers have been studying and practicing the best techniques for creating action from unlimited possibilities to “create something wonderful right away.” When we begin a scene we have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. We simply get a suggestion from the audience for inspiration and we just begin acting. And acting, by definition, is doing. We make a single choice or “offer” and build on it over and over again. In effect, we are rapid prototyping on stage! We do this every single show and never run out of … Read More

KPBS: Teach Co-Workers Improv And They Bond Over Laughs

KPBS Features Finest City Improv team building workshops

KPBS featured Finest City Improv on Evening Edition and KPBS Radio.  Clair Trageser shows how we teach employees engagement and teamwork by with improv comedy exercises. See one of our clients San Diego Trading Company, featured in this story! Aired 3/4/16 on KPBS News.

2017 is your year to get on the “Best Places to Work” lists!

December is always filled with end of the year lists, and one of my favorites is always the “best places to work” lists. However you cut it—San Diego based, international and everything in between—these businesses share two very important traits: great culture and great success.  Congratulations to two of our clients CDC Small Business Finance and Kaiser for gaining spots on San Diego Business Journal’s Best Places to Work! This lesson isn’t exactly new, the old adage “culture eats strategy for lunch” has been heard in B-schools for years. Every “best place to work” knows how important it is to bring smart … Read More

Let go. Notice more. Use everything.

What is around you? Right now.  What do you notice? At this very moment. How valuable is this all?  I’ll wait… As improvisers, we aim to let go of our agendas and “notice more.” We practice being fully present so we can notice what is happening in every moment as we build scenes. We look for every offer, pick up on tiny changes in body language, and listen for shades of meaning. Everything we notice we honor and use in our scenes, because everything we need is found right here in the moment. This past weekend I joined about 200 … Read More