A Community of Comedy with Pride

The Evolution of the IMPride Comedy Festival and LGBTQ+ Inclusiveness in San Diego Comedy By Jesse Suphan Eight years ago, I was living on the east coast performing standup comedy. I started to become mildly successful in the New England area performing regularly at places like Big Tim’s Giggle Factory and Joe’s Laugh Hut in New Hampshire (that was later shut down for too many stabbings).  Comedy was everything I wanted to do yet every time I would perform I was terrified. I wasn’t terrified about performing I was terrified because more often than not I was the only queer … Read More

How Improv Helped Brenna Follow Her Feet and Increase Her Happiness

how improv helped brenna find happiness

Brenna Judkins, once held back by agoraphobia, bravely shares how improv helped take steps to expand her comfort zone. Her big improv takeaway… “follow your feet!” Watch the 2-minute student spotlight video In Brenna’s Own Words: “I just finished Level 3 and I’ve been going to FCI since May of this year. I started improv as a means of exposure therapy for myself. I had really bad agoraphobia for a while and I was afraid to leave my house and afraid to socialize. I finally pushed myself to do something that I always wanted to do. I did some research … Read More

An Inside Look at Our Improv In Action Helping Hundreds of Educators.

School is back in session and just before the Cajon Valley School District teachers returned to their classrooms we had the incredible honor of facilitating a multi-day workshop to help them embrace change with the tools of improv! We worked with the educators to help them get “unstuck” from practices and systems that have grown obsolete and get their students ready for the modern world. They made this amazing 1-minute video about it! “We had the opportunity to bring in Finest City Improv to lead workshops with both our district management team as well as our Committee of 100.   … Read More

2 Great MISTAKES You Want to Make

mistakes that help you learn and grow

You’ve heard the old adage “fail fast, fail often,” which encourages rapid iteration and the discovery of new and novel ideas.  However, no one, including me, wants to fail!  Let’s be honest… it feels terrible every time. Here are just a few things I’ve failed at in my life: learning a second language, learning to play piano, passing a state lifeguard exam, and marriage.  That’s just what comes to mind immediately.  Point being, I think we can all pretty quickly provide a list of our failures (and that lifeguard test was over 25 years ago!). Most people hate to be wrong, make mistakes, … Read More

Laugh & Learn with Kitchen Closed!

On August 19th, Finest City Improv is proud to showcase the comedic stylings of Kitchen Closed. Hailing from the ioWest theatre,  Kitchen Closed is a comedic rap-hip hop troupe. Comedic. Rap. Hip-Hop. Troupe. All of those words are amazing separately — imagine them together!? The talented cas includes: Choni Francis, Keenan Montgomery, Jorge Berrios, Chris Trovador, John Ryan, Laci Mosley, Hughie Stone Fish. Due to popularity and this special appearance, we expect large crowds for their show, so make sure to get your tickets in advance! Learn with some of Los Angeles’ best! It doesn’t stop at a performance! Two of the cast members will … Read More

Sketch-Prov: The Best of Both Worlds

What happens when you combine improvisation with sketch comedy? SKETCH-PROV, of course! Like a celebrity couple, these two beautiful forms can be blended into one stunning, paparazzi-baiting showpiece. Sketch-prov is the idea of creating sketch comedy using “re-improvisation.” It uses traditional improvisation as an idea generator, providing inspiration for unforgettable sketch scenes. Don’t expect to be huddled around a laptop desperate to fill a blank page. This is an on-your-feet, wholly interactive class, where everyone gets involved in the fun. Here at FCI, we’re offering a 3-part sketch-prov series!  Under the guidance of Assistant Artistic Director Jesse Suphan, you’ll learn how … Read More

Orange Tuxedo performs and teaches this May!!

About Orange Tuxedo On May 20th, we welcome Craig and Carla Cackowski, real life married couple and improv duo to teach and perform. Their connection and communication skills will leave audiences laughing and students feeling like they, too, can improvise like a couple in love.  Orange Tuxedo (Los Angeles, CA) is a two person improv show from a husband and wife team who, collectively, have been doing improv for seven hundred years. In this show they aim to create grounded relationships formed by eccentric characters all taking place in or around the same location. If you like comedy, you may have … Read More

Mark Kendall’s Show Magic Negro and Other Blackness Coming to FCI this May!

Mark Kendall

On May 13th, we are proud to have fantastic solo performer Mark Kendall present a one time only San Diego premiere of his show, Magic Negro and Other Blackness. Using comedic sketches, this one-man show examines the representation of black males in the media. From the race card to Reading Rainbow, Kendall explores some of the ways these images influence our views on race in everyday life. About Mark: Mark Kendall is an Atlanta-based comedian. He is currently touring with his one man show “The Magic Negro and Other Blackness” a sketch show that examines the depiction of black men in the media. … Read More

Indie Team Spotlight: We Krooked Swedes

We Krooked Swedes is comprised of some of FCI’s favorite players– Hayden Harrower, David Preciado, and Ryan Suffridge! As part of our Indie Team nights, this trio brings the funny with their immediate connection and character work. Who’s the integration master?  Who brings the feels?  Who starts off with bold ideas? What do they love about playing together?? Learn more about these off kilter Scandinavians in this short video!

Fairytales Against Humanity brings Mother Goose to Tears!

Fairytales Against Humanity Once upon a [noun], a new [adjective] show has arrived to [expletive] you up… On April 29th, we are proud to have Fairytales Against Humanity take over our 9pm block with their interactive comedy show based on some of your favorite stories from childhood….turned totally upside-down and absolutely hilarious!  Plenty of adults-only laughter and surprises await. Like children’s theatre gone horribly wrong, Fairy Tales Against Humanity is a new half-scripted/half-improvised show.  We with stories you fondly remember from your youth and—with suggestions from you, our audience—then mutate and mangle them into hilarious abominations that would make Mother Goose cry … Read More