How Improv Helped Brenna Follow Her Feet and Increase Her Happiness

how improv helped brenna find happiness

Brenna Judkins, once held back by agoraphobia, bravely shares how improv helped take steps to expand her comfort zone. Her big improv takeaway… “follow your feet!”

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In Brenna’s Own Words:

“I just finished Level 3 and I’ve been going to FCI since May of this year.

I started improv as a means of exposure therapy for myself. I had really bad agoraphobia for a while and I was afraid to leave my house and afraid to socialize. I finally pushed myself to do something that I always wanted to do.

I did some research and I found FCI and I was impressed with everything that I read about it and I loved that it was owned by a woman. That’s super important to me. And, also that it’s a very open and accepting improv school and community. And, I have not looked back.

This community surprised me in the best way. It’s insanely fun and I couldn’t imagine not having the people in my life that I have in my life now because of improv.

Lately my motto or phrase that sticks with me has been “follow your feet.” I think that’s just because I’m seeing it resonate not just in improv but throughout multiple parts of my life. Improv has really helped me to do that more willingly. You just follow where your feet want to take you.

You’ll be so much happier. I’m so much happier!”

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