Laugh & Learn with Kitchen Closed!

On August 19th, Finest City Improv is proud to showcase the comedic stylings of Kitchen Closed. Hailing from the ioWest theatre,  Kitchen Closed is a comedic rap-hip hop troupe. Comedic. Rap. Hip-Hop. Troupe. All of those words are amazing separately — imagine them together!?

The talented cas includes: Choni Francis, Keenan Montgomery, Jorge Berrios, Chris Trovador, John Ryan, Laci Mosley, Hughie Stone Fish.

Due to popularity and this special appearance, we expect large crowds for their show, so make sure to get your tickets in advance!

Learn with some of Los Angeles’ best!

It doesn’t stop at a performance! Two of the cast members will be teaching that weekend as well. Want to up your musical improv game or really hone down your character work? Then these two have you covered!

John Ryan will be teaching Character Gauntlet on August 19th from 1-4pm. Expect a scene-heavy class with lots of direction on how to better get into your body and fully realize a character.

Hughie Stone Fish will be leading an in-depth musical course called “Dig Deep!” With Hughie coaching along, this class will cover song structure, point of view, rhyming, and game. This class has a pre-req of at least Musical 1.

Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities!

(P.S. Our kitchen will definitely be open during show nights! We recommend the tots.)



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