Pumpkin Spice Love with October Single Lady Mayra Juarez

San Diego native and Trader Joe’s signage artist, Mayra Juarez is a little bit punk and a little bit comic book loving lady who wants to find someone that she “loves and she likes!”! That’s why she’s our Single Lady for October The first Saturday of each month, we recruit a different, real-life San Diego single lady to share her dating experience with a crowd of strangers and embrace the role of being the only non-improviser on stage. On Saturday, October 5th at 9pm, we’ll bring Mayra up on stage to find out… Act 1: Why she’s still single! Act 2: Who is her perfect match! … Read More

What to Expect at an Improv Show

So you’re about to see your first improv show. Hooray! Seeing improv can be a magical experience, to witness something so strange but so creative come together in front of your eyes — magic! And while it’s good to go into a show without too many expectations, it’s super helpful to know what exactly you’re getting into. Let’s start at the beginning. What is improv? Improv (or improvisation, if you want to be formal about it) is a performance art form where “players” or improvisers go out on stage without a script and attempt to make stuff up! Many times … Read More

Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes Attacks… Heathers!

Chaos may have killed the dinosaurs, but we’re bringing the chaos right to the stage! Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes is taking on the ’80s cult hit, Heathers! How very. FCI’s feature team Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes will take this classic film and turn it inside out and upside down, all with the help of audience suggestions! There will be singing! There may or may not be shoulder pads, but there should be. Who knows? Join us Saturday, Sept. 8th at 9pm to see what this crazy cast will come up with. Our comedy is gold; let’s go get … Read More

September Starts with Single Lady Iris Magid!

Hailing from Philadelphia, Iris Magid is a fundraising professional, a huge fan of outdoor activities and she’s looking for her perfect match! That’s why she’s our Single Lady for September! The first Saturday of each month, we recruit a different, real-life San Diego single lady to share her dating experience with a crowd of strangers and embrace the role of being the only non-improviser on stage. On Saturday, Sept. 1st at 9pm, we’ll bring Iris up on stage to find out… Act 1: Why she’s still single! Act 2: Who is her perfect match! Act 3: We now declare you … Read More

Don’t Miss Visiting Artists Hey Day and The Nancy Boys!

This Saturday, August 25th, FCI is proud to welcome not one, but TWO visiting teams! Originally hailing from iO West, Hey Day now performs all over the country, and at 9pm, you can catch them  and their fast-paced, comedy stylings on the FCI stage. Be sure to show up early. Why? Because you won’t want to miss The Nancy Boys, of course! Nick and Justin Condon bring their improvised mystery show to FCI, and they’re on at 7:30. In between, at 8:00, Found Family will bring back fan favorite Alex “CHEESE” Dos Santos as their guest. And stay late to see … Read More

Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes Attacks… The Goonies!

HEY YOU GUYS! On Saturday, August 11th, dust the gum off those shoes because its time for us to shuffle our way back on stage for another Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes! This time we are attacking the cult classic The Goonies! The show starts at 9pm. Get your tickets now so you don’t miss this once-in-lifetime show!     In a world where [noun] is the best Blockbuster movie, a new [adjective] show has arrived to [expletive] it all up… We at Finest City are real movie buffs! We have decided to bring blockbuster movies to our stage with the help … Read More

Why IMPRIDE? Just Ask Jesse Suphan!

FCI’s IMPRIDE Festival is coming up fast! There will be performances. There will be workshops. There will be probably be glitter. Lots of glitter. And we want to see you there! Wonder what exactly Impride entails? Let the actual festival organizer himself, the one and only Jesse Suphan tell you: “Impride is a two-day festival with performances by improv comedians from around the country. This came about because, as a gay person, I have always felt completely welcomed and included in the community of improv. I wanted a way to celebrate that. I wanted a way to reach out to … Read More

Meet June’s Single Lady Stephanie May!

Clear away that June gloom because we’ve got a stunning single lady looking for love. Stephanie May is an Operations Manager for a local winemaker by day, and an abstract landscape artist by night. An outgoing brunette with a big heart, this talented young woman will not only impress you with her charm, but she’ll have you salivating with her ability to describe in exquisite detail the delightful desserts she wants to create, in addition to the delicious meal she had the day before. A local San Diegan, Stephanie enjoys being outdoors, whether that be teaching art in the local mountains, … Read More

“Go Big!” with Monica Royal

  Monica’s story is one of my favorites. After standing out with her shining personality in our Free Discover Improv class, we were so sad to see her walk out without signing up. We finished clean up and heard a banging on the door. “SIGN ME UP NOW BEFORE I REGRET IT!” (I think there were some other words that we can’t quite publish here included in this.) She had walked to her car and convinved herself that this bold, brave, push wasn’t for her, but didn’t feel right without just going for it. Now, she says that decision changed … Read More

Los Angeles darling, Celeste Pechous returns to teach and perform!

Saturday, December 3rd Finest City Improv welcomes Celeste Pechous for a double dose of workshops and performances! Teaching not one, but TWO workshops – “Scene Study” @ Saturday at 2pm and “Character Lifecycle” @ Sunday at 11am. Performing with our very own Jesse Suphan Saturday at 7pm in their duo show: Distant Celeste is awesome and truly has changed so many of our improv community members here in San Diego with her enthusiasm and support paired with technical talent and years of experience.  Get those tickets now before they’re gone!       https://vimeo.com/241468737?utm_source=email&utm_medium=vimeo-cliptranscode-201504&utm_campaign=28749