Pumpkin Spice Love with October Single Lady Mayra Juarez

San Diego native and Trader Joe’s signage artist, Mayra Juarez is a little bit punk and a little bit comic book loving lady who wants to find someone that she “loves and she likes!”! That’s why she’s our Single Lady for October

The first Saturday of each month, we recruit a different, real-life San Diego single lady to share her dating experience with a crowd of strangers and embrace the role of being the only non-improviser on stage.

On Saturday, October 5th at 9pm, we’ll bring Mayra up on stage to find out…

Act 1: Why she’s still single!

Act 2: Who is her perfect match!

Act 3: We now declare you “Happily-sh ever after-ish!”

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More about Mayra:
She tends to go for bad boys, something about the fact they always have pretty hair and neck tattoos! Turn offs are Dave Matthews Band???

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