Why IMPRIDE? Just Ask Jesse Suphan!

FCI’s IMPRIDE Festival is coming up fast! There will be performances. There will be workshops. There will be probably be glitter. Lots of glitter. And we want to see you there!

Wonder what exactly Impride entails? Let the actual festival organizer himself, the one and only Jesse Suphan tell you:

Impride is a two-day festival with performances by improv comedians from around the country. This came about because, as a gay person, I have always felt completely welcomed and included in the community of improv. I wanted a way to celebrate that. I wanted a way to reach out to the LGBT community of San Diego and let them know that they could experience the same joy that I have.”

Jesse and the rest of the FCI community put a ton of work and love into this event. It’s a passion project for Jesse:

“As a member of the gay community, I know how much we value comedy. It’s therapeutic. Wit is an art form. I wanted to bring improv comedy to the LGBT community and let them know this is a place for us. There was no better time for it than Pride, and the festival is a benefit to support San Diego Pride’s youth arts charities.”

The festival takes place July 6th through the 8th.  There’s an amazing line-up of shows and workshops. And this festival is for EVERYONE – LGBTQ and allies alike, so snag a spot in workshop or see a night’s worth of incredible performances. If you want to stick around the WHOLE WEEKEND, great news — we’ve got a 3-day VIP pass!

3-Day VIP Pass Explore Workshops!

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