Finest City Improv is partnering with San Diego LGBT Pride to bring you our first LGBT Pride Comedy Festival, benefiting Pride’s LGBT youth arts program beneficiaries.

The inaugural fest features two days of LGBT related improv comedy teams, featured shows, workshops, and an all-star Lip Sync Battle. Finest City Improv, and the improv community in general, has offered a welcoming and safe environment for the LGBT community and this festival celebrates that shared pride!



All show blocks are $20 each with $15 of every ticket going directly to SD LGBT PRIDE’S Youth Arts Program beneficiaries.

Friday, July 7


Triumph  The Hilarious Celeste Pechous and Kate Duffy take the stage in this triumphant duo to kick off the night!

The ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS IMPROV SHOW with special guest Justin Sayre! A team of San Diego’s finest improvisers present a montage of hilarious scenes that are totally made up on the spot and inspired by the real life stories of a guest monologist from the LGBT community.

The Monologist is JUSTIN SAYRE is a writer and performer best known for his downtown Cabaret/Variety show The Meeting* now in it’s 8th and final season at Joe’s Pub. Sayre has been described by Michael Musto in the Village Voice as “Oscar Wilde meets Whoopi Goldberg,” was recently hailed as one the “Funniest People in Brooklyn” by Brooklyn Magazine and among “LA’s 16 Most Talented LGBT Comics” by Frontiers Magazine. His benefit show, Night of a Thousand Judys, which raises money for the Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBT youth is now in its 7th year. Splitting his time between New York and Los Angeles, Sayre has written on the CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls” for 3 seasons. He also appeared opposite Lisa Kudrow on HBO’s “The Comeback.” His first young adult novel, Husky, was published by Penguin Books in 2015 and a sequel will hit stands this spring. His podcast, Sparkle and Circulate is available on iTunes. His works for the theatre include: Love’s Refrain (La MaMa;) The Boy Sonata, (Dixon Place, The Wild Project;) Rite of Water: A Life of Hart Crane (Queer Pop-Up Museum;) Justin Sayre Is Alive and Well…Writing (Ars Nova), The Click of the Lock (The Players Club.)


DOUBLE PRETTY is a Portland, Oregon-based improv trio. They do theatrical longform improv comedy and always bring the drama. They make dangerous, dramatic relationships come to life on stage so you don’t have to!

Before finding each other, each of the Pretties honed their improv experience in their careers. Erica comes from the business world where she became an expert in pretending to be an expert (“You need me to lead a trade show session on what? Today? Ok.”) Jason does most of his improv rehearsing at home making sure his two kids don’t know what he’s really up to (“No, those are NOT cookies at the top of the pantry!”) Jessie works in politics, so she’s good at justifying bullshit and has met some REAL characters.

Musical! The Musical! Full of song, dance, and irony, Musical! The Musical! promises you a show you’ll never forget. With trained singers ranging across the vocal scale, they use every tool at their disposal to create the closest thing to a Broadway musical as they can get. Yes, that means there’s a hero and villain. Yes, that means the sidekick may be the one to save the day. Yes, that means jazz squares.

Their long-form improv format allows them to explore the depths of the world they begin to create with the audience, with no part of the story left untouched. This creates an incredibly fulfilling experience, complemented with fun physicality, complex harmonies, and many dramatic emotions. There will be laughs; there could also be tears. But no matter what, they want you there for the magical, and musical, ride. They are Musical! The Musical!

THEM is the local improv clown duo of Christina Perry and Amber Largent! They (THEM) met each other long before they improvised or clowned together. Their friendship set sail on the winds of comedy and after a long journey at sea, they finally docked at Finest City Improv and discovered what was right under their [red] noses all along.

Both clowns play in the clown troupe, Look At What We Found, but their clowns’ undeniable chemistry called for a deeper, more focused exploration. With the utilization of mime, dance, music and audience participation, you will go on a unique, whimsical adventure if you go with Them!


10 brave and fabulous contestants present 2-minute lip synch routines in the hope of winning the audience’s votes for fame and fortune! This is no ordinary lip synch… the finalist will be challenged to a totally improvised lip synch final!


Saturday, July 8


THE GAY MAFIA  The Gay Mafia improv/sketch comedy group has appeared on the LOGO series, “The Outlaugh Festival on Wisecrack” and in the movie, “Outlaugh!” They have headlined across the country – notably at the ArtExplosion Festival in Florida, the National Gay Mormons Convention, and with Margaret Cho. You can read about The Gay Mafia in the book, “Out on the Edge: America’s Rebel Comics” by Mike Player.

DISTANT  Celeste Pechous and Jesse Suphan (Festival Chairs) are known for performing live shows via Facetime but this time they are on stage together and having a long distant show with a very special guest!


A comedy powerhouse team from Chicago and Los Angeles, Queerwolves is Blair Beeken, Brian Gallivan, Mike Kosinski, Duncan Teater, and Tim Paul.
From Chickopee, Tennessee, twins, Prudence and Pervis Purdy, travel the world trying to find stardom with their vaudeville act, searching for a glimmer of happiness, but most of all trying to get a break from their overbearing momma. They use southern charm, naïveté and twin code to get away with murder, sometimes literally.

They like to involve the audience in thier performances, not only taking suggestions, but making them a part of the show frequently using them as props, costumes, or set decoration. We love to have them onstage and play. They also inject a fun dose of southern culture and anachronistic characters.
A team of stand-up comics, classically trained actors, and improv class graduates who came together in October 2015 to have fun, look cute, and take names!  Their mix of comedy backgrounds allow them to bridge different perspectives and playing styles in unique and fun ways. They like to build strange worlds and see what rules they can break in them!






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