Finest City Improv is partnering with San Diego Pride to bring you our 2nd annual LGBTQ Pride Comedy Festival, benefiting Pride’s LGBT youth arts program beneficiaries.

The festival features three days of LGBT related improv comedy teams, featured shows, workshops, yoga classes, parties and an all-star Lip Sync Battle Brunch. Finest City Improv, and the improv community in general, has offered a welcoming and safe environment for the LGBT community and this festival celebrates that shared pride!


All show blocks are $15 each with $10 of every ticket going directly to SD LGBT PRIDE’S Youth Arts Program beneficiaries.

Friday, July 6


Wine and Cry   This team of ladies from Los Angeles will give you a reason to cry and a reason to drink, Comedy!
Jackson Soup   Jackson Soup is an improv duo with over 23 years of combined experience. They have opened twice at the Chicago Improv Festival and performed to a soldout show at San Francisco’s Sketchfest in January 2018! In March, they were featured on KFAA Channel 8 News in Dallas and on the Dallas Improv Festival Red Carpet. Pamela loves Michael Jackson and Dave loves soup. Their shows are real, relatable and sometimes include a rifle-toting elderly couple trying to kill a pregnant rat baby mama in their attic.
The Big Gay Improv Show  This team is a collection of improvisers from all over the country! Together the interview a guest (TBD) and discover wonderful things on stage from their stories!


Queerwolves A comedy powerhouse team from Chicago and Los Angeles, Queerwolves is Blair Beeken, Brian Gallivan, Mike Kosinski, Duncan Teater, and Tim Paul.

Rainbow Bright Comedy We are a POC Queer Comedy Improv Team from Los Angeles making people laugh since 2017.
The Infirmary Players A group of strangers thrown together by chance in the world of Camp Improv Utopia Yosemite. Magic happened in the Sierra Nevada mountains and they have continued to perform, creating heretofor unseen plays in the realm of Tennessee Williams.
The Purdy TwinsFrom Chickopee, Tennessee, twins, Prudence and Pervis Purdy, travel the world trying to find stardom with their vaudeville act, searching for a glimmer of happiness, but most of all trying to get a break from their overbearing momma. They use southern charm, naïveté and twin code to get away with murder, sometimes literally.

They like to involve the audience in thier performances, not only taking suggestions, but making them a part of the show frequently using them as props, costumes, or set decoration. We love to have them onstage and play. They also inject a fun dose of southern culture and anachronistic characters.


Saturday, July 7


The Ensemble
 The single participants have swiped right on a chance to come to Impride as singles but leave in an 8 person relationship. From all across the country and some internationally, these players come together and for The Ensemble

Brian Harrington and Scriven Bernard formed Tabooze in August of 2015 after completing the improv program together at Dallas Comedy House in Dallas, TX. Both performers are highly involved in the theater’s regular goings-on. Brian and Scriven enjoy fun, competitive outings, such as playing trivia games at bars or restaurants or jumping up on stage to sing karaoke.

At the top of the show, Tabooze collects written words from the members of the audience. At the beginning of each scene, one performer draws a word that he shares with the audience but hides from the other performer. The scene ends when the second performer says the word! Tabooze is high-energy and keeps the audience members on the edges of their seats, but their primary goal is to do solid, smart improv. Between the scenes, Brian and Scriven poke fun at each other, sing, dance, or otherwise find little ways to have a blast.

The Mystery Machine with The Hardy Boys and The Nancy Boys 
Husband team Nick and Justin Condon have been touring and performing together since they met six years ago. Their chemistry, connection, and shared love for campy narrative gave birth to the Nancy Boys. As plucky brothers Frank and Joe Nancy they’ve solved a slew of mysteries and shared dozens of characters. Each mystery is completely improvised and every clue is discovered along with the audience as it builds to a climax when The Nancy Boys inevitably get down to the bottom of it!

The Hardy Boys- Kat Brown and Jesse Suphan come together to form the musical improv duo The Hardy Boys!

They take you on a completely improvised musical journey to discover who or what “had done it”. Based on an audience suggestion these gumshoes set off on the case! Finding clues and bringing culprits to justice is what they do best in this hilarious and bold musical improv comedy!

The Hardy Boys are known for their fearlessness on stage and connection. This duo can perform musically or non-musically. We both have a variety of workshops that we teach independently and several that are co-taught.
Together these two form The Mystery Machine!


B & B
Betse Green and Bill Cernansky are longtime veterans of the Portland improv scene, but they’ve been married even longer–since 1989. They are both members of Portland ComedySportz as well as long form supergroup Peachy Chicken. They have played in several improv festivals over the last several years. This year they have been blessed in performing at PIF (Phoenix), HIF (Hartford), CIF (Chicago), DIF (Detroit), DIF (DC), SFIF (San Francisco), Ghostfest (Phoenix) and ending their improv year with Slapdash International Improv Festival in London.

Bill and Betse are patient improvisers who trust each other completely, and it shows.

Playing as a duo, B&B focus on what they know best: relationships. Their signature format is the Revolver, in which the players tightly integrate stealing each other’s characters after they have been established.

Red Door
Red Door will take you into their wheelhouse of accents, huge characters and crisp space work to show you that anything is possible behind the Red Door. Hitting the stage with high energy, power listening and seamless editing Red Door is a great example of fast and furious team work.

Irreverent, absurd, and mostly inappropriate; CAMP features queer Seattle improvisers Andrew Weiss, Britney Barber, Graham Downing, Kinzie Shaw and Mandy Price.

PUMPS Presents: BFF is a version of our live show that has been running since 2015. Based on long form improvisation, we acquire suggestions stemming from speed “dating” a sexy, single, individual from the audience. PUMPS is 4 boobs, 1 heart who’s fully improvised 25 min sets win our audience’s hearts through fast, funny, all-female, personally driven improvisation. Women whose feminine friendship formed in classrooms of iO West and has grown into a blossoming flower of funny. 100% Single, these ladies “date” a sexy eligible individual to see if they can find the one–the one that will give them what they need to induce laughter in the hearts of their audience. Together they are PUMPS, separately they are: Kathrynn Cobbs & Alex Rose Wiesel


Sunday, July 8


Lip Sync Battle Brunch In a world where decide the most powerful based on lip sync we bring you the LIP SYNC BATTLE and this time we are serving it up with a side of unlimited mimosas and brunch!

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Gay Jam
Hosted by vetrean FCI ensemble members who are LGBTQ, we invite everyone to get up and get a chance to Jam! Have fun with improv in a safe fun space!
Chartreuquoise is a Long Form Improv duo composed of Cameron Rau (lover of all things chartreuse) and his husband, W. Eric Rau (fanatic for all things turquoise). Together, Chartreuquoise performs scenes inspired by paint colors and names that the audience chooses from the duo’s paint chip fan deck.
Sinister M.O.
Sinister M.O. is a San Diego-based improv troupe featuring an experienced cast from diverse backgrounds, who play fast, weird, and hilarious. We perform our own custom version of the Bat (improv in the dark), and a form of our own devising, The Improvised Seance, which they debuted at the Torch Theater’s GhostFest in 2017.

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Gals & Dolls
Gals & Dolls is a musical improv team born out of the San Diego improv scene. We are 3 gals & 3 dolls who seek to bring you joy through our scene work, song work, and at times, deep thought work. You know, the old razzle dazzle bit.
Shermer High
Shermer High is a San Diego-based longform improv ensemble specializing in the Deconstruction (as developed by the Family). Cast members have trained at Finest City Improv, Old Town Improv Company (formerly Sidestage Improv), National Comedy Theatre, Second City Hollywood, iO West, and Upright Citizens Brigade.
THEM is the local improv clown duo of Christina Perry and Amber Largent! They (THEM) met each other long before they improvised or clowned together. Their friendship set sail on the winds of comedy and after a long journey at sea, they finally docked at Finest City Improv and discovered what was right under their [red] noses all along.

Both clowns play in the clown troupe, Look At What We Found, but their clowns’ undeniable chemistry called for a deeper, more focused exploration. With the utilization of mime, dance, music and audience participation, you will go on a unique, whimsical adventure if you go with Them!

Short Short Short Form
This team delivers comedic gold in their uproarious short form “Whose line is it anyway?” style. The RC Georges bring classic short form games to life with its boisterous and energetic cast. Their specialty is a game called Schoolyard Insults which involves pantomime, guessing and word parsing. Other games include Party Quirks, Flock of Seagulls, Naïve Replay and its very own “Wheel of Games,” which randomly determines which game the players perform, and they do it all in Short Shorts Audience participation is abundant and you have a chance to win a free drink at the bar!

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Special Events

Sunday, July 29th at 11am Up Here!

Want a taste of improv? We understand that taking the jump into improv is sometimes a scary thing to do, which is why we are excited to bring back our discover improv class! This workshop is a great introduction to what our level 1 class is all about: listening, communication, creativity and fun! One of own master instructors will guide you through your first two hours of improv that will leave you laughing and making some new friends! This class is for any student who has never taken a class at Finest City before.

This class is in conjuction with our month long Pride celebration and we welcome LGBTQ+ identifying folks to join us as well as allies! All are welcome in this safe, and supportive space!