September Starts with Single Lady Iris Magid!

Hailing from Philadelphia, Iris Magid is a fundraising professional, a huge fan of outdoor activities and she’s looking for her perfect match! That’s why she’s our Single Lady for September!

The first Saturday of each month, we recruit a different, real-life San Diego single lady to share her dating experience with a crowd of strangers and embrace the role of being the only non-improviser on stage.

On Saturday, Sept. 1st at 9pm, we’ll bring Iris up on stage to find out…

Act 1: Why she’s still single!

Act 2: Who is her perfect match!

Act 3: We now declare you “Happily-sh ever after-ish!”

Think you might be perfect for Iris? Want to see how this story ends? Get your tickets now!

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More about Iris: She loves hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, farm work, the beach. One day, she hopes to write a book highlighting all of her absurd dating experiences. Other interests include: improv and woodworking. She just started taking classes because want to design and build her own furniture!
Likes: composting, kombucha, SoulCycle, tater tots
Dislikes: Dishonesty, scented laundry detergent, broccoli rabe, haunted houses

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