Being in the moment with Skyler Lee!

  Skyler is the kinda guy who makes you smile just by being in his presence. He has completed all of our core classes, currently rocks out with Musical Improv, and plays regularly on conservatory team “Where’s Brenda?”, as well as FCI’s featured show: Attack Of The Rotten Tomatoes. Skyler’s dedication to the theatre is surely undisputed; he even moved and changed jobs to be closer to the theatre. After seeing his first show at FCI (Redneck Romeo And Juliet), he enrolled that very evening. Skyler’s photography and track-scratchin’ skills have earned him a spot on indie team WerKKreW, composed … Read More

Belushi and Stoltenberg take over Saturday at Finest City!

Saturday, November 11th we are getting a full dose of Rob Belushi and Tim Stoltenberg from Second City! You can find the critically-acclaimed improv duo: Teaching not one, but TWO workshops – “Bad Manners” @ 10am and “Specifics” @ 1pm Being the interviewed guests for FCI house team Found Family! Performing their incredible show, Courtesy Shuttle. Crazy, right? SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES. But here’s the thing… tickets are going to sell out fast. So grab them now before   Want to learn more about Tim and Rob? They share some of their secrets below! Workshops with the Masters! These two have been … Read More

November’s international man of mystery: Jason Wallace!

We have to admit that this November, we are looking to snuggle up in something tall and handsome! On November 4th at 9pm, we bring Jason to the stage, and ladies better get ready! Are you ready to make his dreams come true? We will be studying furiously to find out: Act 1: Why he’s still single! Act 2: Who might be his perfect match! Act 3: We now declare you… “Happily-ish ever after-ish!” More about Jason: Jason Wallace is a modern day James Bond, a true international man of mystery.  Instead of a tuxedo, he dawns a hoodie; instead of shaken martinis, he drinks champagne; … Read More

Embrace who you are with October spotlight, Hannah Jones!

  We feel so lucky to have answered the call when a North Carolina gal was moving out west and wanted to find her new hometown theatre. She has a journey unlike most as she didn’t join Finest City as a brand new performer, but rather someone with lots of experience. So how did FCI stack up against other theatres she had trained with? She attributes our amazing and welcoming community as the reason why she felt so acclamated to her new town so quickly. When she’s not helping us run our tech, or selling organic fruit (seriously!), she rocks … Read More

Games, Games, Games: Have even more fun with our Short Form Class!

Games, Games, Games! Love long-form improv? Want to learn a brand new skill and snag even more stage time? Then join us for our re-vamped Short Form Games class taught by Gary Ware! “Short form” improv is a style all of its own, and it’s tons of fun! Learn the art of short form games and play. It’s a great addition to your long form training, or just for an extra chance to experience on stage fun in a different way. Some of the many skills taught in this elective include: 1. Confidence while hosting and setting up games 2. Ability to quickly … Read More

An Open Invitation to Kathy Najimy

Dear Kathy, My name is Jesse, and I am the Assistant Artistic Director at Finest City Improv in San Diego. I am also a huge fan.  That is why I would like to personally invite you to our parody musical improv show Attack of the Killer Tomatoes attacks: Hocus Pocus. I know you are probably bombarded with invitations around Halloween, yourself being a national Halloween treasure. But please… let me tell you how this invitation stands out from the rest. First, we are located in San Diego, CA, your very own hometown. (I am not a stalker, it’s just from word of mouth and confirmed … Read More

Bridget Says “Yes! And…” to Love as October’s Single Lady!

We have to admit that this October, we are hot for teacher! On October 7th at 9pm, we bring Bridget to the stage, so the boys better get their shiny red apples ready, because this theatre educator is only looking for straight A’s. Are you ready to make her dreams come true? We will be studying furiously to find out: Act 1: Why she’s still single! Act 2: Who might be her perfect match! Act 3: We now declare you… “Happily-ish ever after-ish!” More about Bridget: Bridget Cavaiola is a San Diego based educator, improviser, and facilitator and has been performing and teaching … Read More

Founder of Finest City Improv, Amy Lisewski, Teaches Masterclass!

improv workshop with amy lisewski

  Amy Lisewski, founder of Finest City Improv, will be teaching a three-hour workshop titled “Love This Very Moment” on October 8th from 11am-2pm. Love more of your scenes by living fully in each moment with your scene partner(s).  Forget being interesting to your audience and simply be interested in your scene partner.  Double down on active listening, agreement, and responding fully to what you are gifted. Amy will guide you through exercises that will help you become more invested in your scene partner(s), which will lead to more juicy and yes… interesting… scenes. You will practice letting go, noticing … Read More

From Podcast to Performer: It’s Tommie’s Community Spotlight!

  Tommie is one beautiful lady in charge! How did she sharpen her communication skills, become a better listener, and find her inner strength? With Improv of course! “My only regret about Improv is that I wish I would’ve found it sooner in my life.  The lessons that I’m learning from scene work that can be applied to my personal life is invaluable.  If anyone out there identifies with being a workaholic or a perfectionist they should not think one minute longer if they need to enroll in a class!  DO IT NOW.” This gangsta rap-lovin’, red wine-drinkin’, Kansas-raised performer is … Read More

They call her Dr. Love: It’s September’s Single Lady DJ Sims!

She’s smart as hell, beautiful as a summer’s day, and can enjoy a good sci-fi thriller with the best. On September 2nd at 9pm, we bring DJ Sims to the stage, and she’s gonna be raising blood pressures (and then telling you how a balanced diet and light exercise will bring it back down). She is looking for a good man…STAT! We will be putting on a parade to determine: Act 1: Why she’s still single! Act 2: Help us find her match! Act 3: We now declare you… “Happily-ish ever after-ish!”   More about DJ: Dr. DJ currently serves as an Assistant … Read More