Live in the moment like Skyler Lee!

Skyler is the kinda guy who makes you smile just by being in his presence. He has completed all of our core classes, currently rocks out with Musical Improv, and plays regularly on conservatory team “Where’s Brenda?”, as well as FCI’s featured show: Attack Of The Rotten Tomatoes.

Skyler’s dedication to the theatre is surely undisputed; he even moved and changed jobs to be closer to the theatre. After seeing his first show at FCI (Redneck Romeo And Juliet), he enrolled that very evening.

Skyler’s photography and track-scratchin’ skills have earned him a spot on indie team WerKKreW, composed entirely of FCI house staff. In his free time, he can be caught shredding long boards with Veronika and their dingos, Bear and Olly, flying a disc. And yes, he does CrossFit.

In His Own Words:

My affiliation with Finest City Improv, I’m stage manager some nights, House Fangirl mostly, for all the teams. I perform with a couple teams here that just love you for you and want to see you come back. And want to see you come back again and again, and the reactions never change.

This thing that transformed me as a person, being able to communicate better more fluent and confidently. It’s ok to fail and it’s ok that you’re going to go out there with nothing at all really has helped me listen to what somebody’s trying to convey.

Everybody has this little bit to offer. Every teacher and coach that I have experienced and dealt with throughout my time at Finest City has given me, has gifted me something so great to use on stage. Or even something I don’t use on stage and maybe I use it in real life.

My improv motto is “The person on stage with you right now is the most important person in the world. The end.”

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