“Go Big!” like Monica Royal

Monica’s story is one of my favorites. After standing out with her shining personality in our Free Discover Improv class, we were so sad to see her walk out without signing up. We finished clean up and heard a banging on the door. “SIGN ME UP NOW BEFORE I REGRET IT!” (I think there were some other words that we can’t quite publish here included in this.) She had walked to her car and convinced herself that this bold, brave, push wasn’t for her, but didn’t feel right without just going for it. Now, she says that decision changed her life to help her culviate her most brave and bold self.

“My Improv training has boosted my confidence in a way I was unprepared for. GO BOLD was the greatest lesson I learned.  Taking the level one class and facing  my fear was transformative for me.  If you are afraid to take an Improv class then that means you should absolutely take an Improv Class!”

About Monica:

Monica Royal was born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada. She immigrated to California in 1999.

After being a hobbyist for 15 years, she formally launched her photographic career in 2006 after studying with world renowned fine art photographer Freeman Patterson.   It was the inspiration from him that helped develop her fasciation with water and other liquids as design elements within her artwork.

Monica’s macro imagery is widely recognized as unique and innovative.   She won Illustrative Photographer of the Year with Professional Photographers of San Diego in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Her artwork has been published in several national magazines.  Monica’s articles and podcasts have been shared on numerous webpages.

As a social and entertaining artist, she has become a sought after speaker & private teacher.  Through coaching and training she helps take her students to their next level of professionalism and well beyond.  Monica travels around the country speaking and teaching with the sponsorship of 3 large U.S. photo companies behind her.

Monica has permanent art installations in public venues in Canada, the U.S. and Guam as well as a long list of private collectors.   She has exhibited at Escondido Art Gallery in Escondido California and the Natural History Museum in San Diego.

In Her Words:

I am in my second class of level two. So safely completed level one. I am a professional fine art photographer. I am a working speaker. I guess an entertainer, sort of. I just decided to go for it and it has absolutely been the best thing I’ve ever done. Really just the self doubt that was talking. That’s what was keeping me stuck. So facing the fear of coming back and returning every single Wednesday, it got easier and easier, and by the end of the class I was kind of anticipating going on stage. I’m not sure that improv is for everyone, but I do know this: Everyone that takes improv classes here at Finest City Improv will absolutely change and grow and learn something. I feel like I had a dramatic shift in confidence. One of the greatest things about Finest City Improv is the staff are so welcoming. They’re very kind, and I didn’t think I was particularly funny nor talented coming into this, but they have a way of drawing you in and making you feel very comfortable and very safe. Here at Finest City they have a saying, Go Big. I took that saying and ate it and kind of sat with it for a long time and now when I’m out in public, I do things on a bigger level, louder, more bold, and you know what? They’re hits every time. My improv motto is Go Big. So if you’re going to be funny, be louder and funny. If you’re going to think of a joke, think of a big longer joke. Just do everything a little bit bigger. Commit, commit big. It’s way funnier in the end.

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