Laugh with strength like Tommy Moonie

Tommie is one beautiful lady in charge! How did she sharpen her communication skills, become a better listener, and find her inner strength? With Improv of course!

“My only regret about Improv is that I wish I would’ve found it sooner in my life.  The lessons that I’m learning from scene work that can be applied to my personal life is invaluable.  If anyone out there identifies with being a workaholic or a perfectionist they should not think one minute longer if they need to enroll in a class!  DO IT NOW.”

This gangsta rap-lovin’, red wine-drinkin’, Kansas-raised performer is one to watch both on the stage and off!

Watch a short video introducing Tommie here:

In Her Words:

By day I’m a gym owner and currently just completed Level Four and on to Level Five. I got into Improv, introduced to it, basically by hearing a podcast of a life coach coaching people on her podcast through some issues, and she always kept bringing up to them, “Try an Improv class,” so here I am. At first I was like, “I don’t know what I’m doing in Level One. This is just fun, I’m making new friends, having a good time.” Now as the levels have gone on I really see how helpful this is in my real life. As someone that used to be kind of an over-thinker, would hem and haw over decisions, paralysis analysis, this is really giving me more confidence to just make a choice and go boldly with that. What Improv is helping me to see more and more is that when we’re in this all or nothing mentality what ends up happening is nothing. It’s so important a small action step is, in that then you can just keep building on one action out of another, which is very much what I try to teach people in the health and fitness realm. What Improv is really teaching me is how to really just be aware and listen more. I’m really finding myself as someone who used to always talk a lot or say an opinion, I’m actually stopping and I’m listening. My Improv motto is trust your feet. I’ve heard a lot of my coaches say that when you’re in a scene always trust your feet because they’re going to take you where you need to go. You don’t have to sit and worry about am I making the perfect choice, I can just make a choice and roll with it, I can always take it a different direction. Trusting your feet has been one of the best advice I’ve gotten from my coaches here.

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