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We feel so lucky to have answered the call when a North Carolina gal was moving out west and wanted to find her new hometown theatre. She has a journey unlike most as she didn’t join Finest City as a brand new performer, but rather someone with lots of experience.

So how did FCI stack up against other theatres she had trained with? She attributes our amazing and welcoming community as the reason why she felt so acclimated to her new town so quickly.

When she’s not helping us run our tech, or selling organic fruit (seriously!), she rocks the stage as a badass duo-proviser and level 4 student.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch a short video introducing Hannah here:

In Her Words:

I’m a level four student. I just recently moved to San Diego. I am a writer, but my job is door to door sales. That I was looking for a job that was challenging and interesting and didn’t involve sitting at a desk. And I had no idea how much improv was going to help with that until I got into it.

The benefits I always thought I was going to get out of the improv is just being better at socializing and being a smooth, charismatic talker and that’s only a little bit true. What happens really is that you just get much more comfortable with failing and with things being strange and uncomfortable maybe. Coming to do improv here is incredible because I already knew that improv was a great way to make friends, but I didn’t realize how much this theater in particular has just really maxed out of the park in that department. For me, improv is all about characters.

Improv motto is if you do something enough times, you will always succeed. You don’t have to come in with anything funny. You can make anything funny by just following it.

Learn how improv can help in your life and try a free class!

This article is part of the Community Spotlight Series highlighting our amazing students, teachers, and performers.

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