November’s international man of mystery: Jason Wallace!

We have to admit that this November, we are looking to snuggle up in something tall and handsome!

On November 4th at 9pm, we bring Jason to the stage, and ladies better get ready!

Are you ready to make his dreams come true?

We will be studying furiously to find out:

Act 1: Why he’s still single!
Act 2: Who might be his perfect match!
Act 3: We now declare you… “Happily-ish ever after-ish!”

More about Jason:

Jason Wallace is a modern day James Bond, a true international man of mystery.  Instead of a tuxedo, he dawns a hoodie; instead of shaken martinis, he drinks champagne; and instead of an Austin Martin, he pushes a Lotus. Instead of brawn, this special agent protects this country with  his brain (any sapiosexuals in the house?). But ladies.. before you swipe right, there are a few things you should know… 

He has since retired from his top secret government job and moved to San Diego where he lives on his best friend’s couch. He has given up his fancy car and basically all earthly possessions except his grey hoodie. The only champagne this guy drinks these days is the champagne of beers. But ladies, don’t swipe left just yet… 

Jason has given up on the good life for a reason. He is flexing his technical muscles to pursue a more noble cause than simply protecting this country’s borders…  what if I told you he is working on a product that is literally saving peoples lives? 

Have I piqued your interest? Is this man a diamond in the rough, or merely a fallen star? Swipe right to find out more… 

Join us on Saturday, Nov. 4th to find out who he ends up with!


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