A Doctoral Student finds her joy again: Meet Graciela Casas-Silva

Find out how Grace found her way back to play in this 2 minute video:

In Her Words

I started with improv at Finest City in March of 2018. It was right around the time of my birthday…And so I found Finest City.

Since I was a little girl I really loved playing. I love laughter and joy and I found that it was missing from my life. I’m in a Doctoral program and its just every day I have a test. And it just seemed like my life was just studying, sleeping, working, and there was no joy and there was no play. And so I really really thought about it and “I need to play”. When I was doing my Masters in Spiritual Psychology some of my classmates went and did improv comedy as a form of spiritual enlightenment and uplifting consciousness and playing at the same time. As so I was like “Oh this is amazing. I remembered improv. This is great I can go play!” And so I signed up and here I am. (laughs)

When signing up for an improv class you should expect to have fun, definitely fun. People are here from all walks of life, they’re here from all different ages, to be with you, to play with you, to hold space for you, to be loving and kind. Teachers are here to support you through that process as well, no matter if you’re here to play, if you’re here to maybe work on speaking, if you’re here to maybe come out of your shell a little bit, or if you want to even increase your acting skills or your intuition. Whatever it is that you’re here to do, improv is perfect for it.

Don’t hold back! Go all in!

I’m so lucky to be a part of this community.

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