Amy Lisewski Featured on Dan Quiggle’s Leadership Podcast

Recently, Amy Lisewski appeared on Dan Quiggle’s leadership podcast, “Garage to Goliath,” to discuss how the methods of improv can empower people to be better, more positive leaders! Listen to episode 026 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies as Amy shares: The wonders of improv for personal and professional development … Read More

Amy, direct from inside the Teacher’s Lounge

tales from the teacher's lounge

Founder and owner of Finest City Improv, Amy Lisewski was a recent guest on the podcast, “Tales from the Teacher’s Lounge.” A podcast dedicated to the art of teaching improv, host Lauren Morris delves deep into the world of teaching improv. Each week she talks to notable teachers of improv from … Read More

FCI Podcast with Haste Theatre!

Haste Theatre talks physical theatre, show creation, and performing at Finest City Improv and SD Fringe.  Enjoy 22 minutes hosted by FCI’s Tommy and Dino!

The FCI Podcast Presents: Second City’s Ron West!

Second City alumnus, Ron West, talks with FCI podcast hosts, Tommy Galan and Dino Spezzini, about being on “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, what he would be doing if he weren’t acting, writing, and directing, and his upcoming workshop at the Finest City Improv theater on July 12th and 13th! Just press play…