Amy Lisewski Featured on Dan Quiggle’s Leadership Podcast

Recently, Amy Lisewski appeared on Dan Quiggle’s leadership podcast, “Garage to Goliath,” to discuss how the methods of improv can empower people to be better, more positive leaders!

Listen to episode 026 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies as Amy shares:

  • The wonders of improv for personal and professional development as a great way to get over the fear of failure and a great way to learn to communicate more effectively with others. [1:56]
  • Where she got her idea to use improv to help people build better businesses. [14:51]
  • The opportunity failure creates and why she encourages people to fail spectacularly and repeatedly. [33:32]
  • The 2 ideas she shares with CEOs and executives leadership teams when she speaks for Vistage Worldwide. [43:24]
  • The shocking thing she did to be more present! [1:00:15]

Amy also discusses elements from her book, Relax, We’re All Just Making This Stuff Up! 

Dan Quiggle is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and he’s passionate about inspiring leaders at all levels in their practical pursuit of extraordinary leadership. His podcast, “Garage to Goliath” focuses on sharing leadership strategies and inspirational stories to motive and encourage leaders at any point in their journey.

Listen to Dan and Amy’s conversation about becoming the leader you always wanted to be!

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