Speak Up! A 3-Hr Workshop for women to develop a more confident voice.

confidence workshop for women and girls

Women and girls often have trouble speaking up in the moment, expressing themselves in front of groups, and simply “putting themselves out there.” Speak Up! helps women and teenage girls cultivate confidence to address the “confidence gap.” What could you achieve at work, at school, or in your personal life if you had more courage to speak up? Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence. What You Learn Using exercises and tools from improvisational theater and leadership training, this program guarantees to help you: Are opportunities slipping by because you lack the courage to … Read More

Student Spotlight with Lisa Farnan

Lisa Farnan is one of those people with a smile that makes everyone feel awesome. Her supportive and fun loving ways made her a hit with her fellow classmates and we love her at FCI because she is always willing to say “YES!” to new opportunities. Also– she is pretty rockin’ at the air guitar. That is why Lisa is in our Student Spotlight this month! Meet Lisa Lisa’s journey to improv in her own words Is there anything better than bringing a smile to another person’s face?  (Okay, maybe making someone laugh so hard they shoot whatever they are drinking … Read More

5 Key Leadership Skills That You Can Develop with Laughter

Leadership takes courage, grit, and a sense of humor in tough times. As a performer of improvisational comedy, I regularly practice building all three of these things both on stage and in the rehearsal room. The basic lessons i have learned in improv have helped me be a better leader. This got me thinking about how the lessons i teach to my improv students can help people become stronger leaders themselves. Here are the top 5 leadership principles that I believe improv is great at developing! Read More…

I don’t want to bark like a dog!

Last week I worked with a group from a nonprofit organization and they had a blast learning how to strengthen relationships amongst their team and with their clients. After the workshop, one participant stopped to thank me and let me know how relieved she was that she didn’t have to “bark like a dog in front of people.” Like many people that have never done improv, she was very nervous leading up to the workshop.