I don’t want to bark like a dog!

Last week I worked with a group from a nonprofit organization and they had a blast learning how to strengthen relationships amongst their team and with their clients.  After the workshop, one participant stopped to thank me and let me know how relieved she was that she didn’t have to “bark like a dog in front of people.”  Like many people that have never done improv, she was very nervous leading up to the workshop.  

I get it.  It takes courage to try new things and improv seems daunting at first.  People ask me things like….

“Will you single me out and force me tell jokes when I don’t want to?”

“Are you going to embarrass me in front of my coworkers and friends?”

“Let me guess, you make everyone get up on stage and bark like a dog.”


No way!

And…absolutely not!

We especially get these kinds of questions from people interested in our corporate workshops. And I want you to know, we’re not in the business of making anyone feel embarrassed!

We’re in the business of making you feel GREAT!

In improv, we focus on the team creating something together. It isn’t about singling out individuals to make them feel uncomfortable. In fact, the participant I mentioned earlier added that by the end of the workshop she felt so supported that she might have even been fine “barking a little.”  In other words, she experienced the intense support and trust that we first build in improv so that she gained courage to push past her normal comfort zone.  That’s what improv should always feel like!

It is a Finest City Improv guarantee you’ll leave our workshops feeling supported, inspired, and more confident than ever!

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