Speak Up! New Workshop for Women and Girls

confidence workshop for women and girls

What more could you achieve if you had more confidence to speak up?


Women and girls often have trouble speaking up in the moment, expressing themselves in front of groups, and simply “putting themselves out there.”

Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence.*The Atlantic, 2015

Speak Up! is a new program designed to help women and teenage girls cultivate confidence to address the “confidence gap.”

What could you achieve at work, at school, or in your personal life if you had more courage to speak up? Using exercises and tools from improvisational theater and leadership training, this one-day program guarantees to help you:

  • Identify your comfort zone (so you can expand it)
  • “Make friends” with your inner critic
  • Become more comfortable with vulnerability
  • Express yourself to others (and in front of groups!)
  • Promote yourself without feeling like a braggart (and take the applause!)

“I remember early in my career that sometimes I would have a thought in my head, but I lacked the confidence to be able to get that thought out,” says Nicola Mendelsohn, VP Facebook Europe. “Then I would hear, usually a man, say the point that I had in my head, and I’d kick myself.”

Are opportunities slipping by because you lack the courage to raise your hand, speak up, or take action when they arise?  Do you cringe when asked to speak in front of others or promote yourself to a group? This new one-day workshop is designed for you!

About the Instructor

Amy Lisewski is the founder and owner of Finest City Improv and is known for ensuring that everyone in her classes feels supported and included. Amy’s classes are both fun and challenging so that learning and growth are guaranteed.

She is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “Relax, We’re All Just Making This Stuff Up!”  She is a certified Vistage speaker, helping executives become more effective and courageous leaders using the principles of improv. She has given keynote speeches and led workshops for dozens of companies including Sperry Van Ness, GoPro, WD-40, Kaiser, and Reef. She earned a Master of Library Science degree from SJSU and worked for 15 years as a corporate librarian before becoming an improviser and speaker. She is an alumnus of Teach For America in New Orleans where she taught middle school and first grade.

Amy is a self-proclaimed introvert with the courage to raise her hand and ask for what she wants, even in front of thousands.

Register before October 1st to take advantage of our the early bird discount and ensure your spot in Speak Up!

Women’s workshop is 4 hours long (plus half hour break) and is offered on Tuesday, October 23 from 1-5:30pm.  The workshop for high school girls (or recent graduates) is 3 hours long and offered Sunday, October 28th.  Click the images below for times and more information.

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