Josef found trust in himself and others through improv.

I just have fun, get to laugh, and connect!

Joseph Salazar

Josef Salazar Student Spotlight

In His Own Words

Data Analyst during the day, I work from home. And in the community I’m just a Fun Guy!

I Started Improv in Sacramento. I get to be silly, playful, and goofy, to just be myself. Then I moved to San Diego and the first thing I wanted to do is find an improv class! I’m here and now I love it!

Something that I have learned from improv is “follow your feet!” Something that has been emphasized here is that you don’t really need to have an idea, just go out there and do it. I’ve been building trust. No matter what happens my team has my back. I have a lot of peace with that and try to bring that out to the outside and it has helped with my confidence and my trust in people and trusting myself.

[It’s] goofy, silly, and fun. It’s such a wonderful community because onstage we become these wonderful silly characters but offstage some people are still wonderful silly characters. … I can connect with them. Its a great social atmosphere and I feel like I can talk to anyone about anything, and finding out many similarities in things we like from TV shows, comedians or just hanging out at the bar.

I just have fun, get to laugh, and connect!

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