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Josh is currently a level 5 student at Finest City Improv. He is originally from Altus, Oklahoma. He finds himself in San Diego by way of El Paso, Los Angeles & Houston. He first was introduced to improv in Los Angeles at iO West. Currently a level 5 student, he also performs with Brown Privilege, In The Buff, Castaway and sometimes Catfish Souls! He works as a software implementation consultant. 

Learn more about Josh’s journey to a new town and discover his community by checking out the video below.

In His Words:

I’m a level four student here at FCI.

If you’re doing the daily grind of work and it can bog you down. I feel like with improv you’re rediscovering the sense of play that you had as a kid, where just it’s carefree and it’s fun. One of the great things about improv is it teaches you to be fearless. The things that you pick up from improv, it just makes you a better all around person.

I just love to jump in on stage, sometimes I have a character idea, but most of the time I have nothing. And I just love jumping in and discovering things, that’s the best type of improv is there. Once you’re in, you’re in it and then the fun part is just like, “What can I discover from this? What can I organically let happen?”

I love this community. I discovered improv on a whim. I was a new guy in town and improv is such a great way to meet new people. And now I have a group of friends that I think I’m going to have for the rest of my life. Wherever you are in your life, when you go into improv, there’s so many things you can discover, including lifelong friendships and I’m so grateful for that.

My improv motto is, “Don’t worry about the temperature of the water. Just jump right at baby, because it’s going to be fun.”

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