Ellisa Ellis: “I’m getting closer to the person I want to be every day.”

By Elisa Ellis Have you ever been isolated with another person? You’re so in love with them you spend all your time together, only overexposure turns feelings sour. You forget how to connect with people who aren’t him anymore. When you get out of that sort of relationship, you are completely alone. That’s where improv came in for me: I’d never been brilliant at connection, but I came out of that relationship unable to connect with anyone. Unfamiliar social situations gave me panic attacks. A friend of a friend did improv; I’d been to one of her shows once and … Read More

Student Spotlight: Valerie Maas!

Finest City Improv has chosen kickass performer and house manager, Valerie Maas for our July Student Spotlight. Hear her thoughts on improv, how she felt before her first level 1, and why everyone should try improv at least once. If you are interested in joining us for level 1 starting next term, click here! Register for Classes