Vera Didur shines her light in our Community Spotlight.

Vera Didur captivates the stage with her musical, sketch, and improv talent! This month, we shine the light on her to learn more about her love of improv, and start the case of her missing cat.

This is…Vera Didur!

Vera is an FCI graduate, a musical improviser, and a sketch writer as seen in 2016’s Netflix and Kill. We let Vera tell more about herself in this video here:


In Her Words

Hi, my name is Vera and I am a recent graduate of the FCI improv program.

[We played Five Things with Vera]

One, I am from Russia and I moved here when I was 12.

Speaker: Yeah!

Two, I am a huge knitter.

Speaker: Yeah!

I love knitting. Three, I live in San Diego, but drive to Temecula for a job every day.

Speaker: Yeah!

Four, I used to have a cat that ran away.

Speaker: Oh!

And Five, I have a younger brother. He is a senior in high school about to graduate and go off to college.

So what drew me to improv when I first started was I was looking for something to do that was creative but didn’t put a lot of pressure on me. There’s so many things that are going to come out of it. After I started taking improv, I am now taking a writing class and I did the musical and sketch and there are so many other avenues/ but this is a great start to get over the fear of trying something creative.

The joy that musical improv brings into my life. Where do I start?

I am a lot more willing to take risks in my personal life and in my professional life. I’m not as guarded by, “Oh, what if I do something wrong?” I’m just a lot more willing to take those risks.

I have met the most amazing people who are now my best friends and who are also just enjoying being creative and trying out new things no matter how silly, and we’re all just very supportive of each other.

My improv motto is have fun.

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This article is part of the Community Spotlight Series highlighting our amazing students, teachers, and performers.

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