Salma Soliman Accepts Herself with Improv

Salma recently graduated our improv program and completed studies in musical improv as well!

We chose her as this month’s student spotlight because of how much heart she brings to the stage. My personal favorite moment was watching her in musical improv class sing a song about herself, and she brought the entire room to tears and on their feet cheering when she finished.

If you know you aren’t being who you really want to be, come to improv.Salma Soliman

She’s a professional therapist that finds improv helps her in her work and life. ¬†We are proud to have her as part of our community and hope you enjoy learning more about Salma in this video spotlight!

In Her Words:

No, scratch that. Let’s do that over.

(We played 5 things with Salma)

I’m a Jersey girl, and I’m proud.

Speaker: One!

I love black.

Speaker 2: Two.

My favorite color. I, one day, want to be an inspirational speaker.

Speaker 2: Three.

I love singing, and I do karaoke in the car whenever I’m driving.

Speaker 2: Four.

Five. I’m funny.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

I mean going on stage, I’m all about getting in my body, moving in, and then finding who I am through my movements. I think improv has honestly changed my life.

Being a therapist, I really try to be super nonjudgmental and super accepting. You can’t do that when you have such a negative running commentary in your mind. I knew that that was something that I definitely always struggled with. If anybody knows me, I second-guess myself so, so much. Doing improv is, I mean yes, learning to accept and love that you can fail, because you’re human and humans are flawed, and that’s something to be celebrated. Doing improv, I feel like has just opened a wonder of just acceptance in life. Just being in an environment where no matter what you do, you are amazing the way that you are, how you come, happy, sad, fearful, worried, anything. It’s just also accepted.

In order to accept yourself, and accept the acceptance of others, you’ve got to love the failing, you’ve got to love being human, and you’ve got to just go with it and just keep living.

You’re on the fence about trying improv, if you know that you’re not being who you really want to be, come to improv.

Learn how improv can help in your life and try a free class!

This article is part of the Community Spotlight Series highlighting our amazing students, teachers, and performers.

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