Say ‘Yes! And…’ to life like Amir Razeghi

Amir is an amazing blessing to our community. An aero-engineer by day, Amir came to Finest City to have fun and meet new friends. What he found along the way was not just a community, but a family that helped him grow. “Every weekend, I find myself here at shows, and I get excited to come in and see familiar faces greet me,” he shares, “everyone here is family.” It’s easy to feel happy around Amir. With his open heart and warm smile, he quickly bonded with his classmates, and they still perform regularly together since their level 1 class.

Improv has taught me to want more out of life… mainly because of the courage improv has brought to my life.”

Watch a short video introducing Amir here:

In His Words:

I’ve been part of FCI since January of 2017. It has been a great journey. I came to the US 11 years ago and here I am. I didn’t go to a show or anything at the beginning, I actually just came to my first class as my first Finest City experience. I was excited, super excited because I knew it was going to be something new. I knew it was going to be something different. But then at the same time, that excitement turning to a feeling of joy and safety. It’s very interesting, because you’re there and you’re trying to… You’re looking around you, you’re like, “How do I look? What am I going to do next?” But turns out that that’s the philosophy of improv. I became a chance taker, if you will. It’s like, yes, and-ing became part of life. When you actually say yes and you take the first step, things after that become much easier. Then it became about me becoming part of a bigger family. Improv is about finding the other layers of your life, the things about yourself. Improv is about meeting different people. Improv is about supporting your teammates and having an amazing team to support you. My improv motto is, to always remember nothing is perfect and don’t get stuck. Be able to move on from things, and at the same time remember to make bold and big decisions and stick to them. Because guess what? When you do that, your audience or in this case, the universe around you, is going to be excited and surprised to see that you chose that big step and that you actually stuck with it.

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