It’s a bird, a plane, it’s Community Spotlight on Michael Romero!

This month, we are so excited to shine the spotlight on Michael Romero. He’s a grad, a house team performer, and team captain, and now… Finest City Improv’s Guest Team Liaison! Michael will be working closely with all our San Diego indie teams on issues like: 1. How to maintain a team after graduation 2. How to be scheduled as a FCI guest team 3. How to promote your shows 4. How to get a coach 5. ….and so much more! Look for him regularly at the theatre, at mixers or at special events he will be hosting to get to know the community. Plus, he will be crafting our Thursday night schedules to make sure that guest improv teams get the VIP treatment! How did a humble man come from level 1 all the way to here? We let Michael tell more about himself in this video here:

In His Words:

My name is Michael Romero. I am the Guest Team Liaison here at Finest City Improv. Being the Guest Team liaison means that I have the ability and the capability of helping just teams come together. It’s easy for teams to be out there. They feel like they’re on their own, but I want to make sure that they have someone here who can be their voice and they can come to or any assistance that they are looking for. So excited. Finally get a job. One of my favorite things to see on stage, when you say teams, either I’m seeing for the first time or many times, just the absolute cohesion they have. If they are having fun, you are easily having fun. Whenever you see me perform, you’ll see me do a lot of voices to get into character and may very well see me throwing my body around. I have no care for my body on stage. My improv motto is no fucks given. To learn more about Michael, check him out snugly put on our Staff Page!

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This article is part of the Community Spotlight Series highlighting our amazing students, teachers, and performers.

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