Feel the vibes with July Community Spotlight: Jessica Farber!

Jessica is one of the most kind, down to earth, and kinetic people that we could have ever asked to join our community.

One night after visiting her dad at the Lafayette Hotel, she noticed Finest City Improv’s sign and considered it a literal one from the universe to get into a class here. She signed up that night on the spot!

She has completed all core classes, Conservatory, musical improv, and clowning. She is also one of 2017’s newest coaches.

Improv for her is part of a spiritual journey, helping her continue to grow, and meet people that support her on the way.

Learn more about Jessica’s journey, her inner child, and why being in the right place at the right time makes all the difference.

Watch a short video introducing Jessica here:

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One Comment on “Feel the vibes with July Community Spotlight: Jessica Farber!”

  1. FCI! Just wanted to thank you for your beautiful words, support and acceptance of all!

    As Nick the bartender once said
    “everyone needs their local bar” and well I’m just so thankful FCI and improv is my local thing I do. Be blessed and keep it all going!

    Love always, JFarb

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