Having Purpose, Intention and being Truthful with Luis Meraz!

..when you go on stage, if you go in with an intent, with confidence, with purpose you tend to capture people’s attention very quickly and suddenly you’re creating.. Luis Meraz In His Own Words I’m Luis Meraz. I am an engineer at Lyft.. Roles at the theater, stage managing, also … Read More

Marilyn gained confidence and a safe place to be herself.

take a deep breath, relax and have fun 🙂 Marilyn Papet In Her Own Words I’m a Nurse Practitioner at the Veterans Hospital. I care for patients who are admitted there and also help them transition back into their homes. I tried level one, my teacher was Skyler, and I … Read More

Josef found trust in himself and others through improv.

I just have fun, get to laugh, and connect! Joseph Salazar Josef Salazar Student Spotlight In His Own Words Data Analyst during the day, I work from home. And in the community I’m just a Fun Guy! I Started Improv in Sacramento. I get to be silly, playful, and goofy, … Read More

Student Elijah Moore = Improv + Math!?

We love to hear from our students and our community. Elijah is one of those students who makes our community so much richer! In His Own Words My name is Elijah Moore, and I teach kids math. The kids I work with who need help with math tend to either … Read More

Finding Friends and Freedom in Improv

Finding freedom and friends in improv with Aaron Casarrubias

Finding friends and freedom in an improv class is something that is both unexpected and wonderful. When improv helps in unexpected ways, the surprise, the gratitude these are the gifts that we love to see in our students. Aaron is one of our students that you can tell improv has … Read More

A New Chapter: Meet Jeffrey Wolpert

improv student jeffrey

You’re going to meet a lot of people and you’re gonna have a teacher that’s gonna take care of you and be oh, so supportive.